Do’s and dont’s with babies


Posted on : 24-09-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Book Review

I had a fun time with these cool pictures about the do’s and dont’s with babies.

I am putting in here two pictures that really made me laugh and where I could relate with my baby. For other pictures, visit this site. I read from it that these pictures are from the book of David and Kelly Sopp: Safe Baby Handling Tips, which you can buy from Amazon.

My baby is a handful when she’s awake. Hehe. But definitely I wouldn’t cage her in. Hehe.

I read just a few hours ago in the book, “The First Twelve Months of Life”, that an active baby is born to a mother, who is sensitive, nervous, and restless. Haha. I simply can’t put my mind to rest, I’d agree. I may be nervous and sensitive, it depends on the situation. I also read that an active baby sleeps less, eats less, and is not gaining enough weight. Oh, my baby is like that. The book says that “intelligent, active, curious children tend to sleep less than the average. Interestingly, the less active babies had EITHER more secure and placid or relatively insecure and passive mothers”. Oh, I’m secured yet I’m maybe placid at times. I’m not insecure and I’m not passive. Well, now I understand why my baby is as active as a toddler.

I wonder why I never finished reading the book, The First Twelve Months of Life – it’s a great help for first time mommies like me. I would definitely read the book in my free time. This reminds me, too, that I have entirely forgotten about the reading challenge 2009 that I joined in. Whew. I would make a book review of the book.

Haha. Glad that I started to minimize the adult-organized activities that I had been doing for my baby. I read it from The Overbooked Child article just how we are stressing our kids by putting up too much activities than they can actually handle.

Parents need to relax. Slow down. Activities are fine, but don’t go over the top. Research says that what children need most are relationships, not activities.”  read more

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