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The picture below captured my attention. For the fat deposits in our body, there’s a meta-physical explanation for each area. Although for me, I knew that I gained weight because of pregnancy and uneven distribution of my eating habits during my pregnancy, plus, the sleepless nights I have had, and the yo-yo dieting which I underwent after childbirth. However, I want to share this Malena’s meta-physical explanation of our fat deposits. This is more of our spiritual body types. It’s good to know why our fat deposits lie in certain areas of our body. The chart simply says that “every emotion manifests as a physical symptom”.

Malena says we also have the physical body types (read here the physical body types). I could identify with the Lymphatic, Endomorph Endomorphs.

  • round and soft.
  • appear heavier than they really are
  • arms and legs are short in length and taper – gives the appearance of being stocky.
  • hands and feet are comparatively small, and the upper arms and thighs are more muscularly developed than the lower parts of the arms or legs
  • high waist
  • skin is soft and smooth
  • head is large and the face broad
  • very slow metabolic rate.
  • weight gain occurs over the entire body very easily and cellulite is common.
  • tend to crave dairy products such as cream, cheese, ice cream, and chocolate
  • should avoid dairy products which can overload their lymphatic system
  • should limit their fat intake to 20% of their total calories and load up on fiber and water.
  • should try to snack on fruits and veggies.
  • to keep their metabolism going, they should eat 5-6 mini meals a day.
  • workouts like walking uphill, Tae-Bo, and Kickboxing will help.
  • famous Endomorphs: Britney Spears, Ricki Lake , John Goodman, and Kate Winslet.

Huwaw. It helps to understand my physical body type, and the steps to do on how to be in good shape.

What I liked best about the Malena program is its article about visualizing ourselves thin. I know that I have been reading about this, actually, related words such as the law of attraction, the power of subconscious mind. But this time around, the words “visualizing myself thin” really hits the jackpot. How true really that “if you hate your body, sooner or later, it will hate you back”. It’s like saying “give your best shot in everything that you do, and the best will be given to you”. If you’re mediocre in doing your exercises and in taking good care of your body and health, it manifests in our appearance and physical well-being.

Below are some of the affirmations from Malena that we may repeatedly say to ourselves. I am thinking of recording this in my mobile phone and play it every now and then to affect the negative programming that I have with myself.

I love myself.
I have a beautiful figure.
I crave healthy foods.
My body craves only what it needs.
I am naturally thin.
I have a high metabolism and lose weight effortlessly.

Continue reading Malena’s article on visualizing yourself thin here. You may also find it interesting to read her other articles that are helpful to those who are trying to look good and feel good with their bodies.


Visualisation is a very powerful thing. Most people ignore how it works and how it could benefit them. It’s a shame.
It really does wonder sometimes !

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