October is here! Yay and Nay!


Posted on : 01-10-2009 | By : dutdot | In : Beauty Care & Fitness, Fashion for Moms, Health & Beauty, Life's Musings

Oh my God, I have totally forgotten about the calendar! I thought September isn’t over yet!

It’s both a yay and a nay for me that October is here!

Yay! because we’d be going back to our home country soon.

Nay! because I am panicking inside. I have still a lot of flab to lose!

I have to visualize myself wearing that ideal, perfect weight.

I have to eat well.

I have to exercise moderately.

I have to keep moving.

It’s past 1a.m. already and I am still wide-awake; tinkering the Web on how to lose my flab in just a month. Geez.

Hard work, dude!

I just joined SELF to keep me motivated.

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