A New Mother’s Confession: Mom’s Love is the Best


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I haven’t been updating this blog lately. For the past weeks, I was torn between abandoning this blog, and starting all over again, or keeping this blog, and refocusing the theme. I don’t know how I am going to resolve this “dilemma”, but maybe, just through my musings for today, I could get a glimpse of what should I do. Here’s a confession I needed to let out.

It’s hard to be a mom, yet,

it’s the sweetest role that one woman could achieve in her lifetime.

It’s tough to do all of the things expected of her

when her hands and mind are already full, yet, a mother still do what she needed to do.

A mother doesn’t own her time anymore.

When the baby is awake,

A mother’s time is for feeding her baby;

for washing;

for clothing and diapering;

for playing;

and for ensuring her baby’s happiness…

that s/he is growing well, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

When the baby is asleep,

it’s for thinking about the things that baby would need when she wakes up;

it’s for making sure that she has a clean space to play at;

it’s for making sure that all bottles are already clean and sterilized;

it’s for washing her clothes and blankets;

it’s for planning on what to feed her for her to gain weight;

it’s for ironing her best Sunday clothes;

it’s for making sure the crib is clean and her toys are clean as well;

By the time the baby grows up, a mother is still there to do just the same:

cook. clean. wash.

help prepare the child for school (uniform, snacks, emotions, and more)

laugh and cry with her child.

and be her child’s bestfriend.

and the list of a mother goes on…

that of playing her other vital roles –

as a wife, a daughter, sister, friend, worker, and yes,

her very essence of being a woman, and a person.

being a mother entails toughness and resilience,

and many other characteristics that make her

a mother of substance…

the bottom line of which is that,

a mom’s love is the best that any child can have…

through infancy, puberty, and adulthood,

a mom is there with her heart open,

her arms stretched to accommodate

a growing child’s needs for love and space,

Now that I am my child’s MOTHER,

I understand what is it to be a mom; that mom’s love is the best, next to God.

How true it is that “God could not be everywhere, so He created mothers”.

I understand what my mother has gone through with me and my sibs,

what all mothers around the world have gone through with their children.

Children, of all walks of life, love and honor your mothers.

Whatever age you are in, never underestimate the process that your mothers did to make you who you are now.

The old saying is true, which my mother has been telling me:

“You’d only understand how it is to be a mother when you become a mother yourself”…


With this, I would like to focus my blog on parenting and baby care. All other stuffs I previously included in the categories of this blog (business, careers, books, and others) would no longer be included or future posts may be put in another blog.

Being a new mom is tough, but it is exciting and rewarding, too. I am entirely focusing my energies in this blog on being a mom. I am a new mom and I am learning everyday with my baby. In this blog, I will also write letters for my baby, which I will categorize as “NATURAL LETTERS”. I started writing letters for my baby when she’s still in my tummy, and until she was born, but I have entirely forgotten about continuing those letters.

I realized that being a mom doesn’t entail that all things are good. There are times when I would be able to write about stuffs that are not about roses, but of thorns; these are all parts of motherhood, yes, the growing pains of motherhood, and its beauty, too.

Welcome to the new focus of my blog.

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