Dear Baby: 11th natural letter for baby


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T H E  E L E V E N T H  L E T T E R

Jan. 21, 2009 @ 4:30p.m.

Dear Baby,

How are you, my baby? It’s been a month since I last wrote you a letter. There have been so many changes in Mommy’s life, and yes, with you, too. You’re now 30 weeks  and 1 day old in Mommy’s womb! Wow! How time flies! I’m still sick with coughs. This has been going for almost three weeks now. Thank God, I never have any fever. Mommy would be so afraid of your status in my womb if I got a fever. God is so great for taking good care of me, you, and Daddy.

I’m now staying at home after that one-week bedrest that my new OBGyne gave me. It’s for good, err, for now and until you reach your 2nd birthday. There’s a story for this, but I’d tell you when you’re old enough to understand.

I am currently listening to the audio book, Beautiful Adulthood, and I’d like you to hear it, too, so you’d know how beautiful it is to be a baby girl, a girl. and a woman.

At 28 weeks, you’re now weighing 1.4kg. Twelve more weeks to go!



The Eleventh Letter in Paper:

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