Dear Baby: 12th natural letter for my baby


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I didn’t know that the month of March would be my delivery date; I thought I would deliver on April 1st or until the 2nd week of April. This is my last letter to my baby (in my womb). After I delivered her, I realized I didn’t write any letter for her.

The habit of writing her letters would now be resumed since I already transformed this blog into a natural letter machine . I will update this blog with natural letters from a mother’s heart. While rewriting the old letters in this blog, I was able to reminisce what I had gone through during my pregnancy. I also realized that writing letters for my baby would be a great way to show how she’s been doing during her period in my womb, during her infancy, and toddler years. Most probably, during her teenage years and grownup years, I would still be writing her letters.

T H E  12th  L E T T E R

March 11, 2009@ 12:20p.m.

Dear Baby,

Forgive me for I haven’t written you letters for almost two months! But know that deep inside mommy’s heart, I have a lot to share with you. I have been talking with you everyday, calling your name, and letting you hear Christian songs, nursery rhymes, and audio stories from Story Nory for the past months.

Mommy just celebrated her birthday last Friday, and that coincided with Daddy’s and Mommy’s 5th year Church wedding anniversary.

Last month, I saw you for the first time at the SONAR! Wow! You’re so beautiful. The doctor said you just looked like Mommy, but I hope you got Daddy’s nose. We shared your picture to our families back home, and they were so excited to see you, too.

Three weeks from now, you’ll come out from Mommy’s womb! Whoa! We have finally decided to go to the public hospital, which people say is more equipped at a much lesser cost than the private hospital.

We’ve been blessed with people, new friends here.

All in all, Mommy got 6 OBGynes in this order: Dr. Kh, Dr. C. Dr. Z, Dr. S, Dr. H, and Dr. Ki. I will meet Dr. Ki on March 15 as she will hopefully be the attending physician on Mommy’s labor and delivery of you, baby.

Mommy gained weight – now at 54kg! Thank God because that meant you are gaining weight, too. I was afraid last January because I hardly gained weight. I will know your weight maybe tonight or tomorrow.

Baby, I want you to know that Daddy and Mommy love you so much! We’re so excited to see you. Everyone in our families back home is excited to see you, too.

This is all for now. Mommy is eating spaghetti, and later, beef steak.



The 12th Letter in Paper:

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