Dear Baby: 13th natural letter for my baby (1st letter for baby after delivery)


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T H E  13TH  L E T T E R

Oct. 15, 2009 @ 9:09p.m.

Dear Baby,

Welcome to the World! This should have been written by Mommy six months ago, but Mommy’s hands were so full. You see, it was just Daddy and Mommy, who take good care of you. We’ve got no nanny, ah, yes, you’ve got a yaya for just two months. But she already left to look for a greener pasture, of which she regretted. She wanted to come back, but it’s already too late.

I am sorry that I lighted the gas stove while holding you in my left arm. I forgot that you’re still a baby! Glad that you behaved well awhile ago.

I can’t wait to write so many things about you – particularly, how advanced your mental and physical developments are. You may be lagging behind in terms of weight and height gains, but, still, you’re as active and mentally developed as a toddler! How many times did you surprise me of your antics – you are already speaking a lot of words since you’re 17 days old. However, the past two months, you became a bit less talkative, but you still blabber a lot with words that only you could understand. It’s as if you’re talking animatedly in a conversation. Nowadays, however, your physical development is advanced. You are now sitting and standing on your own.

You love to “read” books. You don’t stop until you’re able to know how to open the business book. You love to play with your toys, but you want new toys every now and then. It seems that your old toys are boring you already. You love to play with a tissue paper, and even a new diaper fascinates you.

You love to growl like a lion when a certain thing got your interest. You love to sing a song and you’re already playing the keyboard of the piano. You love to tap the keyboard of Mommy’s laptop. You are a camera-conscious baby since you’re 5 days old, and you really pose like a pro.

At six months, I just couldn’t leave you behind. You cry when you see no one around you. You cry when Mommy goes to the bathroom or outside our room. You’d await for your Daddy’s return from the office with enthusiasm by listening intently on the opening of the door, on his footsteps, and to Mommy’s cue that Daddy’s coming. Upon seeing Daddy, you’d flash your sweetest smile. But after some minutes, you’d cry and start looking for Mommy.

You’d cry when visitors call your attention or approach you. But you wouldn’t cry when there are people around you, but they don’t take notice of you.

You love to pull Mommy’s hair. One time this week of October, 2nd week, you surprised me when you attempted to pull Mommy’s hair, and you thought that you got some hair strands by looking at your left hand!

I cried with you when you cut your lip, when blood came rushing through your mouth because your mouth was pressed into that bottle of diaper rash that you were playing.

You cry like you’re a seven-year old already. I’d often tease you, “Grade One, baby?” when you start crying, for it’s really loud. People are surprised to see and hear you crying, for so much tears swell from your eyes.

Daddy and Mommy couldn’t just massage your body for two months now. You’re always in a hurry to roll over when we put you to bed. You’d love to roll over, crawl, and get the things on the table or even below the bed.

You love to crawl or roll over when we change your soiled diaper, either with urine or poop. You have been constipated at the start of your 6th month. But you regularly poop even if they were so small and hard.

You sleep like a chicken. You’d get up at once when you feel recharged by your short naps. Your Daddy says you’re like Wolverine; your bruises and rashes heal at once.

You don’t like to be swaddled. You would cry hard when we swaddle you with your blanket, but eventually, you’d fall asleep despite your resistance.

You love to listen to conversations on the phone.

You easily flash your sweet smile when we smile at you.

You may be currently underweight, it’s sad. But what matters most is that you’re an active, bubbly, and healthy baby.

More stories to write soon…




This time I will rewrite this letter from the Web to paper.

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