Dear Baby: 4th natural letter for my baby


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Wondering about my third letter for my baby? I just can’t post it here. The letter contains actual names and places. I took a snapshot of the photo, but I guess the text would be hardly recognizable. Anyway, here’s the fourth letter:

T H E  F O U R T H  L E T T E R

November 23, 2008 @ 12:58 a.m.

Dear Baby,

I’m still wide awake. I guess I’ve awaken you from your deep sleep. I was laughing so hard a few minutes back, with Daddy beside me, because I just farted! We were laughing so hard because Daddy said that the smell was deadly – an assassin!

I’d agree that the smell was, indeed, terrible. Daddy just finished farting, too, but it didn’t smell that bad unlike Mommy’s. When Daddy finished farting, I farted inside our blanket. Daddy thought that it was his fart that he was smelling, but I was already laughing and told him that this time it’s me farting! The smell lasted for quite sometime inside our room. Daddy even had to sit up and then bury his face in the pillow while I couldn’t control my laughter. I am writing this letter in our bed – that’s why my penmanship isn’t that good. I just finished talking my prenatal vitamins. The deadly smell of my fart could have been attributed to the vitamins or maybe due to my constipation which is normal during pregnancy.

Goodnight baby!



The Fourth Letter in Paper:

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