Dear Baby: 5th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  F I F T H  L E T T E R

November 23, 2008 @ 8:24p.m.

Dear Baby,

Hi, how are you, my baby?

Are you feeling so fresh? I do. I just finished taking a warm half bath. I put on my new maternity dress. I decided not to wear any shorts, jogging pants again that are so tight in my belly. I’m afraid of hurting you inside my womb. I’m also afraid that you don’t get enough space to roam around or stretch your muscles that’s why Daddy and Mommy bought cute dresses from the department store last weekend.

Mommy walked alone to eat lunch at the Filipino Cuisine. It’s Mommy’s second or third time to go out – alone. Daddy is not sold to the idea that Mommy goes out alone (place deleted) because of some not-so-good-stories. But Mommy just prayed hard to God that He’d protect us both. Daddy insisted that I should call him upon reaching the mall. I ate pinakbet and took out spaghetti from the resto for my snacks. I’m glad that I could eat a lot now unlike during my first trimester.

I finished reading the brochure, “breastfeeding your baby”, and I do intend to breastfeed you.

Are you hungry now? I am a bit hungry although I ate spaghetti minutes ago. Daddy is going home by 9p.m. We’ll eat together with him.



The Fifth Letter in Paper:

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