Dear Baby: 7th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  S E V E N T H  L E T T E R

Dec. 3, 2008@ 11:13a.m.

Dear Baby,

This is my first letter for the month of December. No matter how much I wanted to write you each day for the past week, I tried not to because Mommy wasn’t feeling much better. No, I wasn’t sick, baby. Thanks God, for we are always healthy. I was just sort of feeling blue. So now that I am okay, Mommy wants to assure you that everything’s all right.

I remember that night of Nov. 28 when Daddy and Mommy were feeling down. You assured me of your active kicking. I cried when I felt your presence in my womb. You won’t know yet what I am talking about, but this is a promise that you’d always feel secured, loved, and confident throughout your growing years. I will tell you about that incident in Nov. 28 when you’re already old enough to understand things.

I called up Papa and Mama, your grandparents, and they’re all excited to know updates about you, baby.

Always remember, baby, that, “in the morning, you are the first person in my mind”.



The Seventh Letter in Paper:

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