Dear Baby: 8th natural letter for baby


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T H E  E I G H T  L E T T E R

Dec. 9, 2008

Dear Baby,

Hello! How are you, my baby? I missed writing you a letter! It’s been several days since the last time I wrote you.

We were given several free days, I mean non-working days so Daddy and Mommy strolled around the country. Daddy and Mommy celebrated our 9th engagement anniversary last Dec. 5. It’s also our monthsaries last Dec. 6,7, and 8. Whew! Mommy would tell you more about how Daddy and Mommy met, and more stories about us.

We just brought our 3.5G phones! As soon as you’re born, Mommy will take your videos and photos, which Mommy will send to Daddy while he’s at the office. Mommy might not work for several months after delivering you, baby, so that I could take good care of you.

Mommy just bought three story books, which Mommy will read while you’re in my womb.



The Eight Letter in Paper:

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