I regretted the day I started giving solid foods to my baby


Posted on : 15-10-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Nutrition, Parenting

It’s only now that I can write about it. I reiterate, I regretted the day I started giving solid foods to my baby when she was just four months. I wish I just followed my maternal instinct to continue giving her formula milk (since I wasn’t breastfeeding) for straight six months. I researched somewhere that babies tend to slow down on their growth when they’re already eating solids.

On baby’s latest monthly checkup, she didn’t gain much, in fact, she was already underweight. The term “underweight” has been boggling my mind since then. I just could not go on my normal routines for myself whenever I am using the laptop. I keep on searching on ways to make my baby gain weight.

When she was four months old, I was clinically advised to start giving my baby the solid food. I was very hesitant at that time. My baby was ravenously drinking her formula milk. I wished I didn’t heed that advice. For two months now, my baby has been a fussy milk drinker because of the solid foods. How can we revert that? The only way to go is to move forward and hope that along the process, my baby would increase her appetite for milk and solids.

Another reason that could account for my baby’s lean body is the fact that she’s an active baby. She started crawling when she was four months; she started sitting when she was five months; she’s now standing alone at six months; and, she wants to walk now, too. I can see that by the way she crosses over and move her body by kneeling through the support of her hands on the crib. I read that active babies tend to be leaner than quite babies.

Raising a baby is really hard, particularly, since there’s no solid book/advice from docs and others on how to properly feed a baby. Sometimes it doesn’t help to just follow; what may be beneficial to other babies may not be suited for some babies. Sometimes mother’s instinct plays it well.

The weight issue of my baby has already taken its toll upon me. I got affected with it for two months now. Oftentimes, I didn’t have the time to enjoy my baby anymore since I was already overly worried of her. Sometimes my bonding time with her was smothered with my whatifs and buts and what other people would say. There are times when I go overboard and there are times when I thought I am already “hurting” my baby. I know I am just an overly worried mom. All of these stupid things will be put to rest. I read ONE SOLID ADVICE that I needed to always put me on track and on guard:


I resolve (how many times did I make a resolution?) that from now on, I would just look at my baby, and not anymore on the scale. I resolve that I would just attend to her and listen to her and play with her and not watch other babies. I wouldn’t care if people say my baby’s thin. If you just have seen her when she was born, you wouldn’t say a bit about how my baby is now. She was SUPER SKINNY when she was born. I held back my tears when I first saw her. It was as if she didn’t have any flesh on her body. It was so stupid of my OBGynes not to inform me that I was just the one gaining weight, and not my baby. Anyway, there’s no way of pointing fingers anymore. My baby’s happiness and advanced development matter to me the most.

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