Dear Baby: 14th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  14TH  L E T T E R

Oct. 17, 2009 @ 9:06p.m.

Dear Baby,

just finished lulling you to sleep. Before trying to catch your sleep, you were standing on your crib, looking down at Mommy while I do some blogging in my laptop. I had to temporarily stop what I was doing when I saw that you got another antic. I was so scared when I saw you standing with both of your legs stretched out as far as you could! That was the first time I saw you doing that, baby, and that scared me.

I got you and gave you to Daddy, and soon the two of you were playing again. You love it when Daddy spreads the blanket and envelope you there, with a little hole for both of you to breath. I told Daddy to make a bigger space for you to properly breath when inside the blanket. When you’re inside the blanket, you love to play and roam around from one corner to another. You love to roll over and then lie on your back. You are mesmerized by the colors and the warmth of the blanket.

Since it’s already late and you seemed so sleepy awhile ago, you were already having a little tantrum. I asked Daddy to leave you so you could sleep, and for him to do his things, too. But Daddy wanted to play with you again. Did you know that he made it a point to play with you for two days straight now even though he got a lot of things to finish at work. He verbalized it when he said that what happened last Thursday really caught him off guard. You were initially eager to meet Daddy when he came home from work that night. In an instant, you flashed him your sweetest smile. You jumped with joy upon seeing him that night. However, that enthusiasm faded at once. You cried. You looked for Mommy.

Daddy couldn’t forget that incident, for it didn’t just happen once, but twice or thrice. I just knew it this afternoon that Daddy feared you were regarding him as a visitor, and not as your father. I asked him it that idea really hit him hard, and he said yes because he’s doing all sacrifices for us to have a good life, and in the end, you don’t seem to know him at all. That’s when I realized why he just cuddled with us in bed yesterday and today. Daddy told me how happy he is that now you seem to know him better these days than before. You don’t cry when he puts you in his chest. When you were still young, Daddy lulled you to sleep by putting you in his chest. Amidst the snoring of your Daddy, there you were sleeping peacefully. Months passed by, and now you seem to be startled sometimes with the snoring of Daddy.

That’s just a little drift from what Mommy has to write in this letter. You see, baby, I got a lot of stories to tell you, so from time to time, I would include all of the events as the need arises, or as I go through the letter-writing.

W A I T! I have to stop writing. I heard your soft cry. Oh, and now you’re crawling towards Mommy!

I thought you’re asleep! It wasn’t even half an hour when I lulled you to sleep with my lullaby. I also gave you a bottle of milk. I propped in unto your mouth; thank God, you’re so skilled at sipping your milk that way. I know it’s not proper to prop the bottle since it might cause tooth decay or might cause choking; that’s why I am always alert when you’re feeding at night (oh sorry sometimes I fall asleep – it’s because Mommy has been sleepless and nannyless for quite a long time, but don’t worry, your angel is watching you when you sleep). Of course, I resolve that when I see that you’ve got little teeth sprouting, I would cease propping the bottle.

Now that you’re awake, I have to give you your iron supplement.

Did you know that you really know how to show your dislike for things at a young age? Daddy was laughing when he administered to you the iron supplement awhile ago. You knew that he was about to give you the iron, but you closed your lips. You disliked the taste of the iron supplement. But, well, you didn’t win tonight; there was no spitting up of the iron.

Baby, tonight was the first time that you ate rice and fish fillet! Oh, how you liked the food that Mommy cooked for you! Mommy promises to give you healthy, not commercialized food all the time. Tomorrow, I will cook carrots and potato for you.

The other night, I gave you boiled egg, but it seemed you didn’t like it that much. For the past two months, I was only giving you mashed potato, mashed sweet potato, and other commercialized cereals that were prescribed for you. As usual, when you eat, you smother the food with your fingers unto your face! Imagine just how your face was covered with the smell of fish fillet! Daddy had to give you a sponge bath with soap, normally, at night, we don’t give you a soapy sponge bath, just plain water to protect your delicate skin.

I think I wouldn’t be able to finish my story-telling. You’re still widely awake. Till next time!



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