Dear Baby: 15th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  15TH  L E T T E R

Oct. 18, 2009 @ 10:36a.m.

Dear Baby,

ood morning!

I’m sorry I cut short the letter I wrote you last night. In fact, I just fell asleep beside you. You were extra alert last night. I carried you and played with you for two hours perhaps. I left my laptop open last night. I thought I’d be able to finish the letter I wrote you, but it seemed it was already longish.

I’m sorry, too, that you felt so cold last night. I already increased the temperature of our aircon, but when I woke up at 6a.m. (in fact, you woke me up with your cold little fingers touching my face), I was alarmed that your Daddy lowered the temperature (the room must be very cold then because you’re so cold that I thought you didn’t sleep well). Before you slept last night, I covered you with your blanket. My bad, I forgot that you always slip out from the blanket in the middle of your sleep. I also didn’t give you your overall suit. Daddy and Mommy were both comfortable last night. Mommy feels so guilty, especially, when I saw that you’re already awake – for how many hours, baby? I was so sleepy last night, baby, that’s why I didn’t hear your soft cry. Or i guess you really didn’t cry last night. You finally fell asleep comfortably in the morning when I covered you again with your blanket.

It’s already past 9 when you woke up. Good thing, I was done cooking your breakfast. I tried to use the baby food processor, but it just didn’t function the way Daddy taught me about it last night. It was our first time to use the food processor last night when we mashed the rice anf fish fillet. This morning, since I wasn’t able to use the food processor, I just mashed the carrot manually. You liked the taste, but didn’t eat well because the carrot wasn’t mashed smoothly. I will mash it later this afternoon as soon as Daddy arrives, that is, if I won’t figure it out on how to use the food processor – actually, I guess there’s a problem with the power.

As I am writing this, you’re sleeping in my arms and it’s just 11o’clock in the morning. You fell asleep while drinking your milk. You were just playing in your crib after eating your breakfast. Did you know that it’s been a week since you’ve got another antic – I fed you while you’re standing! Awhile ago, while I was feeding you and you’re standing, I was surprised, really. A few months back, you’re just lying on your back, and here you are now, standing in front of Mommy.

I remember the other night when we went to the mall to accompany Daddy in buying his long sleeves and a Kenneth Cole pair of shoes (for Daddy’s big event today, Oct. 18, and that’s for our future!). I was feeding you with your milk while you were seated on your stroller, and while we were strolling around the mall.

By the way, baby, I did mention to you in my previous letter that you cry out loud – yes, this week, we noticed that sometimes you exaggerate your cry! It’s as if you cry from your diaphragm! Hehehe. Daddy and Mommy couldn’t forget that night when I removed the plastic (of diapers) that you was holding. You cried out loud! It was so loud, really, like the way a 7-year old cries. No worries. You’re our adorable baby. You are simply amazing, and full of love and sweetness. There are times when we are sleeping and you just simply touch our faces. That’s so sweet of you, baby. How many times, too, did I see how comforting you’re to Mommy when you saw Mommy crying. You simply moved your head towards Mommy.

And wow, I just thought how amazing you are when you taught Mommy how to turn on the speaker of our telephone unit! Mommy thought the new unit got no speaker feature, but you simply amazed me when all of a sudden I was able to use it when you “called on” Daddy over his mobile phone. How did you do that? Daddy’s mobile no. was the latest number that Mommy dialed awhile ago. After a few minutes, I just heard Daddy’s voice on the receiving end. You were the one who pressed on the button, and you also pressed the speaker button (which I didn’t know the phone got that feature!)

Baby, always remember that Daddy and Mommy love you so much! We can’t imagine life without a baby, without you. You came to us after six years! You’re our best Christmas Gift from God. You’re the best everyday gift for us.



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