Dear Baby: 16th natural letter for my baby


Posted on : 18-10-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Life's Musings, NATURAL LETTERS, Parenting, Pregnancy

T H E  16TH  L E T T E R

Oct. 18, 2009 @ 8:12p.m.

Dear Baby,

You just made me cry!

Daddy and Mommy were watching the show, HIT MAN: David Foster & Friends, when we heard that you’re “singing” along with one of the performers (I forgot who that was because of sheer excitement when I heard you). You did it not just once, twice, but THRICE! And, baby, you were really hitting the note. You’re six months now. Are you going to be the next Charice in the years to come?

Being a full-time Mommy is really priceless! I get a chance to know you better, to train you well, to see how you’re developing in all facets of your life, and, yes, I can hug you and kiss you as much as I wanted to.

You’re a terrific, baby!



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