Dear Baby: 19th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  19TH  L E T T E R

Oct. 20, 2009 @ 1:33p.m.

Dear Baby,

You’re sleeping as Mommy writes this letter. I removed our bed covers because they’re already soiled. I usually change our bed covers every three days or every time it gets dirty, say, after a day or after a few hours of changing it. I was wondering this morning why you kept on scratching your eyes, I mean, the skin around your eyes. Itchy? That’s when I thought that probably the bed covers needed to be changed again although I just changed it a night ago.

You ate boiled egg today, just a little though. You loved the taste, but I guess, I boiled it for so long that there wasn’t juice anymore. I put a little milk for it to just glide smoothly in your mouth as you chew it.

We watched the video, Baby Einstein Music Festival, but it seemed you weren’t concentrating while watching. You kept on getting the remote. The TV was then set to mono from HDMI. Anyway, we finished watching it and then off I bathed you. You were crying while Mommy was bathing you. It must be because of the pain that was caused by your fingers when you scratched your cheek; there was a little blood on it. Ugh. I put a little amount of Alfacort and then covered it with Cetaphil cream.

Did I mention you’re like Wolverine according to your Daddy? The blister in your cheek seemed to have vanished in an instant. There’s just a little trace of it, but, eventually, it will disappear. I would trim your fingernails again. But most probably later this afternoon. You seem to be peacefully sleeping while the song, “I DO” by Mark Wills plays on the background. I forgot to play your CDs about Mozart, and other baby songs. I’ll get the cassette player from the living room and play those CDs later in our bedroom.

While you were sleeping, I thought to myself that I should remove your disposable diaper. I have this thinking that the diaper causes your being bowlegged. I actually removed the diaper and put on a cloth (but didn’t close it). I put on the disposable diaper under the cloth to prevent the leakage of your urine into our bed. As of this moment, I didn’t put our bed cover yet; I just put on your little blanket on the bed so you could sleep well. I was looking for your baby panties, but couldn’t find them anymore. I remember I already segregated those small clothes that you have. Those baby panties were the ones you used (after putting on the diaper) when you were still young. This reminds me to buy more baby panties. I am thinking of letting you use baby panties now (with no disposable diapers). You’d only use disposable diaper during the night. But at daytime, you’d just baby panties. I’d secure the bed with plastics so as to protect the bed from the leakage of your urine. Maybe it’s time to start and harness our potty training, baby. We’ll give this a try.

It’s all for now. Mommy needs to eat her lunch at 1:50p.m. while you’re still sleeping.



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