Dear Baby: 21st natural letter for my baby


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T H E  21ST  L E T T E R

Oct. 25, 2009 @ 1:44a.m.

Dear Baby,

You just fell asleep a few minutes back. Wow. You’ve been sleeping so late, baby, and sometimes, you wake up ahead of Mommy and Daddy. It’s been a longish while since the last time I wrote you letters.

Last Oct. 22, we watched the movie, “Mamma Mia!”. It really hooked me because it’s a musical movie. I love to watch musical movies since it’s good for you. I know I shouldn’t be watching movies (other than musical ones) because it’s not good for young babies. The TV causes delay in speech of an infant – I read about that a couple of months ago. So what I do is I choose movies that incorporate music! That way, majority of what you’d be watching/hearing/listening is the music and not just plain blabbering.

While watching Mamma Mia! and you’re seated on my lap, I cried hard, baby, back and forth as I cradled you in my arms. Golly! There you are – just six months, turning seven two days from now, and Mommy already got emotional from the thought of you getting married someday in the future. Hahaha. I’m kinda weird, huh. I remember when I told my parents about getting married, I saw that my mom shed a tear or two. But me, I was already crying at the thought that someday, a man would swept you off your feet, and ask you to marry him.

Separation anxiety. Whoala. It’s hard to be separated, I know. Speaking of separation anxiety, you’re experiencing it now, baby. Mommy just couldn’t leave you behind – whenever Mommy needs to go somewhere away from you for just a second or minute – like in going to the bathroom or anywhere around the house. A few days back, Mommy stole a few minutes to take a bath. I put you in your crib and gave you toys. You were playing, however, after a few minutes, I heard your cry. I washed myself hurriedly, and I went out of the bathroom. You’re already standing, facing the door of the bathroom, and yeah, crying, too.

Awhile ago, I put you in your crib so Mommy could iron Daddy’s clothes. But you just didn’t like to sit down or play with your toys. You stood. You’re at the middle of the crib. Then you walked towards the end of the crib. You watched Mommy ironed Daddy’s clothes. That was a cute sight to look at to. You were “talking” animatedly as I talked to you.

Daddy went to the coop store awhile ago to buy your milk and cereals. We’re changing your cereal to Cerelac. He also bought Bebelac milk for constipation. You’re still constipated these days. Oh. He also bought Hero baby food. You ate the pineapple with gusto. A few minutes ago, I searched the Web about Hero baby food. I was quite worried about its sugar content. I read that infants shouldn’t be given sugar and salt. The fruit itself is already sweet so I wonder why the manufacturer still added sugar.

This is all for now. Mommy has been sleeping so late, too. I need to sleep now so tomorrow I’ll have more energy to play with you.



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