Dear Baby: 22nd natural letter for my baby


Posted on : 28-10-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Book-Making, Life's Musings, NATURAL LETTERS, Parenting

T H E  22ND  L E T T E R

Oct. 28, 2009 @ 1:29p.m.

Dear Baby,

Belated Happy 7th month birthday! You just turned seven months! Whoa! How time flies! Look at you, baby, you’re so talkative the past few days! You’ve been saying Mama, Dada, Daddy, Ma, and other blabbering. You sang happy birthday song to your Ninang Cathy, and to the delight of her Morrocan friend, over the phone. I just love it.

You know, on the eve of your 7th month birthday, you sang happy birthday! Whoa! And mommy was able to capture it on the video! Mommy’s so proud of you!

You’re now walking, too, in your crib from one end to another! Wow.

You’re simply amazing, baby!

Keep up the good work!

Lately, you’re a night owl. You sleep by 1a.m. Yesterday, you slept at around 2:30a.m. already. Then you’d wake up around 10a.m. or 11:30a.m. this morning. Hehe. You need to sleep for you to grow well, baby. I hope you gained much in terms of pounds (weight) and centimeters (height).

Exactly a month from now, we’ll be going back home! Your first time to travel international flights.

This is all for now. Mommy needs to exercise while you’re asleep.



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