Dear Baby: 25th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  25th  L E T T E R

Nov. 18, 2009 @1:52a.m.

Dear Baby,

We just had our send-off party! We’ll be going to our hometown, where Daddy and Mommy were born and raised. You’ll meet Daddy’s and Mommy’s respective families! They are all excited to see you and welcome you as the newest addition to our families!

Thank God that everything went well. God made it so smooth for us – the transition, the travel, the plans. Thank You, Lord. Thank you, baby, for being our inspiration.

I’d been meaning to write this letter to you a few days back, but I was so busy preparing our things. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the incident that happened last Nov.15. I was away from you for half an hour. I went to our bedroom to use the laptop. When I went out, you were sort of angry at Mommy. You shouted as if to say “where have you been, Mommy?”, when you saw me coming out from the room. Both Daddy and Mommy were surprised with your reaction because you really shouted, “wah!” with matching movement of your arms and feet in an abrupt manner.

People have been happy to hear you talk. They said that you’re really such a talkative baby! You mimic what we have to say. One time, I said in an agitated manner, “gatas!”, and you said in the same manner that I did, “gata!”. Mommy should be careful in dealing with you, really. Hehe.

It’s past 1a.m. now, in fact, two minutes before 2a.m. I should be sleeping now. Tomorrow’s the last day to pack our things. I am not yet done with the packing. I still have to buy some few things tomorrow, too.

This is all for now.



Dear Baby: 24th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  24TH  L E T T E R

Nov. 9, 2009 @ 12:57a.m.

Dear Baby,

Hi baby! We just arrived from a tiring flat-hopping! We were looking for a new flat, and we didn’t find any vacant flat for this month. We’re hoping to get a new one at the soonest time possible, as much as possible before we leave for our travel back home. Speaking of travel back home, we already got a new schedule, and Daddy is going with us! Whoa! Our dream for a first family travel (international and local) will materialize three weeks from now! But yes, Daddy won’t be home for Christmas…and we’d be away from him for almost two months. He would sorely miss you, baby. We just had our family photo op awhile ago. He’d often see your pictures in his laptop whenever he misses you.

God worked in His own mysterious ways, really. He opened the way for us. Thank God that there were vacant plane slots for the three of us. Daddy and Mommy are praying that everything will be smooth tomorrow, on the day that Daddy will say something important to someone.

Tonight, you said the words “what’s that” although in your own baby way “WAT TAT”! And baby, you’re so cute! WAT TAT! You’re so talkative, really.

Our baby doctor told you that it’s as if everything that you eat/drink goes to your brain for you’re brainy, while your body isn’t nourished that much. You’re still weighing less although we thought that you already gained much weight. But at least you gained 3 cm from the last monthly check up that we had. Mommy is certain that you will gain weight in our country back home. You will eat taho, pork, and every thing, except for eggs. You still have rashes on your face and our baby doc told us that you should refrain from eating eggs up to the time you reach your first birthday.

This is all for now. My eyes are too sleepy already. You’re still widely awake, and you’re gleefully playing with Daddy.



Dear Baby: 23rd natural letter for my baby


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T H E  23RD  L E T T E R

Nov. 4, 2009 @ 9:44p.m.

Dear Baby,

How are you? I’m sorry I haven’t written for a quite awhile. Mom was too busy making plans. But this I learned – sometimes our plans won’t materialize the way we want them to be no matter how much we think we are prepared. There are opportunities that will come knocking at our doors. It’s either we grab them or take another route or be still. It’s either we stuck up or fall apart or go with the flow.

I am writing this letter to tell you how much thankful I am to you for being my strength. For eight hours, Mom was real scared about the unknown. I’ve been battling with my fear of flying in an international flight with you and me only because Dad has some important things to attend to. Thoughts of whatifs, buts, and other things clouded my sanity. The fear suddenly vanished just 10 minutes ago when you were crawling on my tummy, and your cute, cold, little fingers were holding on to me. You were not fearful. You thought Mommy is powerful, strong, and would not put you to danger. An idea hit me! It was as if I was enlightened! I shed a tear with the realization that you’d cling on to Mommy for support, and for assurance that everything will be OK on our first international travel.

I am crying as I am writing this letter, baby. You’re drinking your milk on my lap. I am holding you with my left arm; my left hand is holding the bottle so you can drink while my right hand is typing this letter. Another realization: I can always multi-task as a mother. It’s what almost all mothers are doing for their children. I can multi-task on our travel, too.

I was chatting with Daddy this morning, and both of us we’re feeling uneasy over the thoughts of not being together in this international travel, our first as a family; of not being together this holiday season; and, of other related thoughts. I told Daddy that it’s as if I would be delivering a baby for the first time – unsure, uneasy, scared, BUT determined. I only realized the BUT as I write this letter now. It made my heart skip a bit as I write this. My emotions are overwhelming at the realization that I am A MOTHER, your mother and that I should be tough yet gentle with you; that I should show courage because you’re giving your confidence in me. I am crying even more now because you have your own way of making Mommy strong.

I remember seven months ago. You wanted to come out of this world as fast as you can. You cooperated with Mommy because you made it easy for Mommy to deliver you in just exactly three hours. You were smallish, but maybe your weight was on purpose so that you could easily get out from Mommy without suffering a long, hard labor. The first time I saw you I was so stunned at your size. I was afraid of touching you so I just kissed you. I wanted to hold you but I was afraid of hurting you. The nurses took you away from me. We were reunited after three longish hours. With you by my side, I felt of protecting you from the scrutinizing eyes of other mothers there. They were comparing you with their children. I didn’t care. For me you’re most beautiful, perfect baby!

The night was long in that hospital bed we’re in. You were on your hospital crib and you’re clothed with the green blanket. It took me a lot of courage to leave you behind for a few minutes so I had to make a call for Daddy, who was waiting for the good news about you. Slippers-less, I walked down the cold floor of the hospital corridor. I was only wearing the hospital gown, and had no underwear. All I thought was I had to tell Daddy so he could spread the news about you. Glad you didn’t cry while I was out. I was scared to death leaving you behind so I only made a sort call. Glad that someone helped Daddy (even if it was already beyond visiting hours) to bring me my mobile phone, my food, my clothes, and your clothes, and other important things. I made two phone calls to Daddy during that night. On my 2nd time to call, I put on the maternity pads on my feet to protect me from the coldness of the floor. I realized that as a new mom, I learned to be resourceful and creative. I realized I was a fighter in that battle, our battle.

While all the babies and mothers who delivered on that same day I delivered you were all discharged, I was full of anxieties when we’re not released yet. They told me that they’d conduct yet another blood test for both of us. The next morning, we were still at the hospital. They were making sure that everything’s fine with you because of your size then. You calmed me with your normal breathing. You pacified me with your soft cry. You assured me with your sweet, dimpled smile.

For two nights at the hospital, you didn’t cry out loud unlike the other babies. You didn’t even cry out loud even when your diaper area was already soiled, and the poop had gone dry. I was so scared to change your diaper, no, actually, I was too dumb on how to change it.

Baby, thank you so much for letting me walk through that wonderful, scary, yet fulfilling memory lane. I delivered you successfully in three hours via normal delivery in a foreign place, with a foreign nurse attendant. We were both in that significant occasion of our lives. We were victorious! I didn’t show my fear when I saw that the nurse was holding this giant pair of scissors to tear me down there. I was fearful, you know. But Mommy survived that ordeal. I didn’t show my fear when the doctor was already stitching me up down there. I was fearful, you know. But for the love of you, Mommy had to be strong at that time. Mommy didn’t dare sleep because I was waiting to see you then, to be reunited with you.

And now that we’d be flying “alone”, are we ready to face this adventure again? I am because you’re ready; because you’re giving me the confidence; because you are giving me the strength and the courage…not just at this time, but all the time.

Thank you, baby. I love you so much. Daddy loves you, too, and would be surely missing us on the holidays.