Dear Baby: 24th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  24TH  L E T T E R

Nov. 9, 2009 @ 12:57a.m.

Dear Baby,

Hi baby! We just arrived from a tiring flat-hopping! We were looking for a new flat, and we didn’t find any vacant flat for this month. We’re hoping to get a new one at the soonest time possible, as much as possible before we leave for our travel back home. Speaking of travel back home, we already got a new schedule, and Daddy is going with us! Whoa! Our dream for a first family travel (international and local) will materialize three weeks from now! But yes, Daddy won’t be home for Christmas…and we’d be away from him for almost two months. He would sorely miss you, baby. We just had our family photo op awhile ago. He’d often see your pictures in his laptop whenever he misses you.

God worked in His own mysterious ways, really. He opened the way for us. Thank God that there were vacant plane slots for the three of us. Daddy and Mommy are praying that everything will be smooth tomorrow, on the day that Daddy will say something important to someone.

Tonight, you said the words “what’s that” although in your own baby way “WAT TAT”! And baby, you’re so cute! WAT TAT! You’re so talkative, really.

Our baby doctor told you that it’s as if everything that you eat/drink goes to your brain for you’re brainy, while your body isn’t nourished that much. You’re still weighing less although we thought that you already gained much weight. But at least you gained 3 cm from the last monthly check up that we had. Mommy is certain that you will gain weight in our country back home. You will eat taho, pork, and every thing, except for eggs. You still have rashes on your face and our baby doc told us that you should refrain from eating eggs up to the time you reach your first birthday.

This is all for now. My eyes are too sleepy already. You’re still widely awake, and you’re gleefully playing with Daddy.



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