Dear Baby: 26th natural letter for my baby


Posted on : 21-12-2009 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Book-Making, Life's Musings, NATURAL LETTERS

T H E  26th   L E T T E R

Dec. 21, 2009 @ 11:33p.m.

Dear Baby,

I’ve been meaning to write you letters, but, just the same, I was very preoccupied with a lot of things. So sorry for that, baby. I also missed cuddling you, and talking with you. Uh-oh. I kinda feel bad because it seemed you didn’t improve much in terms of your speaking skills. Physically, you gained a few pounds, and I think, you also gained some inches. Tomorrow, I’ll start teaching you how to walk.

We’ve been in the Philippines for a MONTH, actually, exactly ONE month today! Our travel went well. I hope that it would be the same when we get back overseas since it would just be the two of us — Daddy went with us in going to our home country, but could not accompany us in getting back to where you’re born (overseas) because of his new work. Daddy will spend the holidays alone in our flat…sigh. It’s actually our first Christmas as a family, your first Christmas, too, on Earth. Anyways, I am sure that you’ll enjoy your first Christmas with Mommy, and your grandmas, grandpas, aunties, and uncles. Daddy promised to give us a post Christmas celebration in Rome by March and that would coincide with your first year birthday.

Speaking of birthday, it will be your 9th month birthday this Sunday. Wow, how time flies, baby! NINE MONTHS! Wohooo! It’s gonna be a big celebration. I wish to spend more time with you so that you’ll be able to develop more skills while we are here in our home country.

I wish to reminisce how you have been doing on your 8th month. Before we left our flat overseas, Daddy and Mommy heard you saying a vulgar word. Uh-oh. That’s kinda disgusting to tell here, but, it’s a lesson for Mommy. After you said that word, Daddy and Mommy just looked at one another with a puzzled look — how did you learn to say that; why did you say that WORD — exactly the way it is pronounced by adults. LOL!

You also mentioned your name – your nickname – and we’re all amazed at how you pronounced it – at seven months, barely a week before you turned eight. You can now also say auntie, (sometimes you pronounce it as ate); you can say ‘unke’ for uncle; you said the word seki for sexy; you said the word dirty, too, for several times. You can now say the word “mommy” – but not so often unlike when you mention the word “daddy”.

You now know how to wave your hand when we tell you the word “bye-bye”; you can now dance and you are enjoying it much by wiggling your body, tapping your legs, and waving your right arm over head.

You love to make face by wrinkling your nose, a habit you learned from your grandpa, papa. Although I find you so cute when you do that, I hope that you won’t do it often. Hehe.

You smile at everyone. You are the apple of our eyes. Everyone’s attention is for you.

You always say Daddy every time you’re awake. You must be missing Daddy very much because you call your grandpa, uncles as Daddy. You even thought Bong Revilla (on the TV screen) was your daddy. There was a time I cried hard – was it last Dec.10 – when I got your Daddy’s ID picture from my wallet, and said to my mama and to your yaya that “this is my husband; he was still slim here) when you suddenly grabbed it and said, “daddy!!!”. My mama teased you and said, “he’s my daddy, too!” and started to grab the picture from you – and you cried hard while you said in between tears the word, “daddy”….

A few days back, it was so touching, too, when you touched the face of your daddy on the laptop screen when we were having a videoconferencing with Daddy.

On our first week at the province, you got rashes and mosquito bites. Daddy, Mommy, and you got sick. But thank God, your colds vanished quickly because of Green Barley. The aircon was installed so you’d have a good night sleep.

This is all for now, baby. I will write you frequently, I promise.