Dear Baby: 29th natural letter for my baby


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February 21, 2010 @ 10:46a.m.

Dear Baby,

How are you, my baby?

I know you’re feeling happy and triumphant as of this moment. You’re under Mommy’s table, tinkering the laptop cable, and the extension chord. Goodness! You really love such stuffs! Daddy has to give you your own extension chord! What an interesting thing to know about our 10-month old baby, oh, you’ll turn 11 next week! How time flies, baby, and you really don’t seem to look like your age (you’re smallish than your real age, sigh), but, cheer on, your mental development is already that of a toddler!

Awhile ago, you woke up from a little nap of 10seconds after drinking the last ounce of your milk. You crawled towards the cassette player that’s playing Arabic songs. I was amazed when suddenly I could no longer hear the sound coming from the radio. You turned of the radio! And whoala, turned it on again. How did you do that? You are simply amazing. I couldn’t forget the times you taught me a lot of things I don’t know in our telephone when you found out the speaker button on it; the Samsung digicam when you turned it on without pressing the power; and, so many to mention.

You’re still as active as a grasshopper, hopping from one site to another in our room – all of your toys cluttered onto our carpeted floor. I think you’re not sleepy yet or rather you don’t want to sleep yet. I don’t force you to sleep now. I really am sorry for the past days last week wherein I forced you to sleep by rolling you over for three times. I thought that was beneficial to you because you’d really sleep for straight two hours after that. Oh no, don’t get me wrong, baby. Mommy’s not hurting you, I think, because I do that gently. I just stopped doing that when I thought of the book I read about Past Life Transgression. I really don’t want that thing to be a habit, that is, you’re having a difficulty in sleeping. When you were still young, you’d fall asleep at just the sound of Mommy’s lullaby; or the slight brushing of Daddy’s caressing fingers on your hair. But not these days. You need to tire yourself for you to sleep. I saw that when one time Mommy fell asleep waiting for you. I dozed for an hour or two just the other day. When I woke up, fortunately, you’re still playing. I just called on you and said, “Come, baby”. You immediately crawled onto the bed and laid your head on Mommy’s tummy, grabbed that bottle of milk, and fell asleep. Wow. I cried at that moment. How on Earth did Mommy roll you over for the past three days just so you could asleep when all that Mommy could do was allow you to play, play, play until you get tired and your eyes sleepy that you could no longer resist Mommy’s call that you should finally sleep. However, the problem is, you’d oftentimes resist your sleepiness by tinkering a lot of things that you see in our room. Like right now, you just could not seem to rest those sleepy eyes. But, hey, here you are…tugging on Mommy’s legs, begging to be carried…hmmm, you must be so sleepy now.

I carried you and put you in our bed. You cried. You were so sleepy, indeed. You rolled over on your own. Aha! That’s where I got the idea that you wanted to roll over for you to sleep. Maybe it’s why I did that last week so you could sleep. But rolling over should be done by you, and not by Mommy. So here’s Mommy, just allowing you to get tired all by yourself. How many times did you get up from bed minutes ago, and tinkered everything that you saw on the floor, on the bed, on the sofa…then, Mommy went to her table and did her thing. That’s when you begged her to lift you up and lulled you to sleep while the Mozart music’s playing on the background. Glad that Daddy put the cassette player in our room last night. Oh, last night, too, you were amazed at the sound coming from the Bose speaker on the upper left corner of our room. You’re really amazing, baby. You just know where the music or sound comes from. You have this habit of tossing your hand on the air, as if saying, “see?” whenever you sense that something you thought of is right. I am not so sure, too, but there are two occasions when I heard you say, “I know…”

Last night, too, someone called Daddy, and there you were, you were also imitating that you were talking on the phone with someone. You put your hand on your left ear and babbled some words as if you were conversing with a caller. Haha. Just like you did a few minutes ago when someone miscalled Mommy on the phone, and you immediately put your hand on your ear and said “hello”.

Last night, baby, you made Mommy cry. It was past 1a.m. (you were suddenly awaken when Daddy sat beside you in our bed) when you saw Daddy’s mobile phone. Your eyes lighted and begged for Daddy to give you his mobile phone. Daddy finished texting someone and he gave it to you. But he was afraid because you were about to delete Daddy’s contacts so he locked the keypad until such time that the lights of the mobile phone went away. You touched my arms and looked at me with your eyes begging me to open the phone. I didn’t unlock the keypad, but just sort of touched one button to light up the screen of the phone. You were gleeful again! I looked at the screen, and there, you were happy to see our picture together, baby. You were trying to make a signal like “eating” (with your mouth opening and closing and a sound of slight ta-ta-ta). I looked at our picture again and, indeed, you were pointing on the bread on your hand. Daddy forgot that there was even a bread on your hand. He was unsure why you signaled like you wanted to eat. He also forgot that it was the picture he took when we ate at the Kentucky last February 7. How’s that, baby? We were really thrilled that you have a very vivid memory at barely 11 months!

You’re sleeping now, baby, and my heart goes out to you as you sleep. I am completely blessed for having you. There are times though that sometimes you wanted your way out, you wanted to always be pleased (hehe, I guess, all babies do), you wanted to do things on your own. But you know, it really touches my heart whenever you ask Daddy or Mommy for permission before you touch a thing or two, or go somewhere else in the four corners of our room. Well, there are times you’d just slip away from Daddy’s or Mommy’s attention, and you’d find your way towards the bathroom, the hallway, and the kitchen of our new flat here.

This is all for now. Sleep well, baby.



Dear Baby: 28th natural letter for my baby


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February 11, 2010 @ 9:44a.m.

Dear Baby,

How my fingers itch as I type this natural letter for you! My 28th letter for my growing, gifted baby! Maybe you’re wondering why my fingers are itching…ahhh…I got hold of a temporary Internet connection, and I wanted to enjoy it while supply lasts until I don’t know when. I can’t wait to have our DSL again, perhaps, in a month or two. Sigh.

Mommy’s writing this letter in our new house. The house is still a mess right now. We transferred last February 7, but we don’t have the time to fix it. Yesterday, a terrible thing happened as Daddy was drilling the wall to put the filter for the washing machine in the bathroom. He drilled the pipe of the water!

You’re currently in your chair, holding that 5m-power tape measure, and yeah, you’re pulling it! I just hope you don’t hit your fingers or your face. You’re really a fast learner. Daddy and Mommy have been wondering how you learned to open the camera without turning on the power! How did you do that? Until now we could not decipher it.

Just last February 9 at around 11p.m., you surprised us with these words – they were so clear that we were astounded – “Daddy, look!”. It was just during that day that you heard the word, “look”, from Mommy as we both watched the window in our room. You point to something over the window whenever you hear the word, “look”. You never seize to amaze us with how you mimic our actions and voices. WOW. You’re such an amazing baby.

This morning, Daddy called and you grabbed the phone and said, “Dad”, over the phone. Whoala!

It seemed that the new house is favorable to your growth and development. You can freely move in the new house without fret and fear on your part and on Mommy’s, too, because the house is fully carpeted. You move a lot, stand up, crawl, sit, and more.

Welcome to our new house, baby, and hurrah to our new sense of freedom here. We have a balcony. We can, at least, go there and touch base with nature since we can’t go out by ourselves in the country that we’re in.



Dear Baby: 27th natural letter for my baby


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Feb. 3, 2010 @ 12:46a.m.

Dear Baby,

Whoa. I was quite shocked because I had entirely forgotten about the way I write my blog titles! I had to look back for two times just to make sure that I’d be able to write the title the correct way. When was the last time I wrote you? That was last year – oh – just two months back perhaps. Anyway, this is my first letter for you for this year of 2010. I won’t promise to write you often this month or the next month because of temporary Internet disconnection at home; we’re transferring to a new flat and it would take sometime before the new phone line and DSL will be installed, most probably, after our transfer to the new sponsor is done.

Belated 10th month birthday, baby! We didn’t have a grand birthday celebration. We just went out, the three of us, Daddy, Mommy, and you. We went to Church to utter some thanks to God for the safe travel that we had last January 17th, and for the birthday celebrations of Daddy and you. We also bought some books at the bookstore; you got three wonderful books!

Now we’re back to your birthplace, baby, after almost two months of spending our vacation in Daddy’s and Mommy’s hometown. How was your vacation?  How was your flights in the local and international airplanes? Everyone back home is missing you, baby!

About the flights, wow, the most exciting yet scary and difficult flight was the one we had last January 17th! We had excess baggage; you cried at the airplane for 30minutes or so; Mommy was crying already because you could not be pacified. Anyway, I felt relieved when we soon landed in our destination and saw Daddy waiting for us. Thank God, too, for the big help that the ground staff and flight stewardesses of Singapore Airlines for assisting Mommy.

When we reached our home, you’re so weak. Well, perhaps you must be very tired then. Imagine we had two stop overs! Whoala. Mommy had to carry you all the way from the NAIA until we reached the final airport of destination. Thank God for sending the angels and they guided me as I carried you in my arms. I really wondered if I fell asleep while you were in my arms. :d

I remember, too, that upon reaching our building, you smiled at Daddy. [You were sleeping when we reached the airport.] However, when we reached our home, you kept on crying whenever Daddy was trying to carry you or touch you. You were like that for four days! Haha. You probably thought that Daddy’s a stranger. Thank God that after four days you started to like him again. You were able to recognize that he’s your Daddy.

After a few days, you’re back to normal – the normal baby who never has a dull moment in her life! You always have the energy to crawl around, stand up for a few seconds on your own, roll from side to back to front, and do whatever you feel like doing at the moment. You danced like a pro when I told you to show your dancing skills to Daddy. You rock, baby!

At 10 months, you’re just starting out to carry a step. That was last night when Daddy and Mommy saw you walk a step forward without holding on to something. You were babied by your nanny for two months so you didn’t care yet to walk at that time. I hope that soon you’d walk, baby. Take your time. The most important thing for Mommy is that you must gain some two kilos for your weight and add inches to your height. Anyway, I am pretty sure that you’re advanced in some areas so I need not worry that much.

You have this habit of pinching Mommy. One time, you pinched Mommy with your little fingers. The next day, I checked my left arm and there were black marks on my arm! I screamed that night but didn’t think that your little fingers would really make some marks. One time, too, you grabbed my nipple from my shirt, and used it to help you as you stand up. Imagine that, you were pulling Mommy’s nipple so you can stand! Oh my.

You’re such an adorable baby. You are so sweet, too. You keep on leaning on Mommy’s tummy or Daddy’s arm whenever you can.

Just the other day, Daddy was laughing hard because you were mimicking his snore! You were snoring, too, while you were busily looking at Daddy’s mouth, and trying to open it.

Was it the other day, too, when you started saying the word “energy” without fret and difficulty? How about those days last month when you also said the words “pwede”? with matching intonation, and the word, “mimics”, upon hearing Mommy said those words? Wow, you’re so smart, baby!

Last night, we were already prepared to go out to buy your chair at Mothercare, while we were waiting for Daddy to put on his socks, when I told you the words “let’s go!” (the words that you often heard from Mama, your grandma, during your vacation back in the province), when all of a sudden you said, “bye, daddy”, with matching waving of your hand! Whoala! Both Daddy and Mommy heard that, baby, and yes, we’re really amazed at your cleverness. You thought that it’d just be you and Mommy who’d go out.

Just last night, too, after reaching home and we were all tired, Mommy was busily eating Prima biscuits. For the first time, Mommy wondered why you were so quiet in Mommy’s lap because usually you just don’t seem to sit down and just relax whenever I carry you. Mommy checked on what you were doing then. Presto! You’re silently eating one Prima biscuit on your hand! I checked your mouth! Whoala, you’re busily salivating and chewing the biscuit. You smiled back at Mommy. Oh so adorable, cute baby! I wondered then how you’re able to eat the biscuit because it was so hard! But I noticed that you wet first the biscuit with your saliva. Resourceful!

There are times though that I feel so tired not because of you, but because of other chores at home. We don’t have a nanny yet. I wish that it’s not difficult to get a nanny. I want us to have a nanny so that I can focus on you, on attending on your needs, and, also for Mommy to attend to my business needs. Don’t worry, you’re still Mommy’s topmost concern.

You don’t welcome the idea that I leave you on your crib even for just a second or two. Most of the time, too, when you’re sleeping, you’d suddenly be awaken if you notice or feel or smell that I just leave the bedroom. Just yesterday, I thought you’re in deep sleep that I decided to take a quick shower. Whoala, I was just trying to get some more water from the Coolpex when I saw you crawling on the floor! Haha.

I love you, baby. Thank you for being you.

This is all for now, baby. I need to write you this letter before Mommy’s memory becomes preoccupied with a lot of things.