Dear Baby: 27th natural letter for my baby


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Feb. 3, 2010 @ 12:46a.m.

Dear Baby,

Whoa. I was quite shocked because I had entirely forgotten about the way I write my blog titles! I had to look back for two times just to make sure that I’d be able to write the title the correct way. When was the last time I wrote you? That was last year – oh – just two months back perhaps. Anyway, this is my first letter for you for this year of 2010. I won’t promise to write you often this month or the next month because of temporary Internet disconnection at home; we’re transferring to a new flat and it would take sometime before the new phone line and DSL will be installed, most probably, after our transfer to the new sponsor is done.

Belated 10th month birthday, baby! We didn’t have a grand birthday celebration. We just went out, the three of us, Daddy, Mommy, and you. We went to Church to utter some thanks to God for the safe travel that we had last January 17th, and for the birthday celebrations of Daddy and you. We also bought some books at the bookstore; you got three wonderful books!

Now we’re back to your birthplace, baby, after almost two months of spending our vacation in Daddy’s and Mommy’s hometown. How was your vacation?  How was your flights in the local and international airplanes? Everyone back home is missing you, baby!

About the flights, wow, the most exciting yet scary and difficult flight was the one we had last January 17th! We had excess baggage; you cried at the airplane for 30minutes or so; Mommy was crying already because you could not be pacified. Anyway, I felt relieved when we soon landed in our destination and saw Daddy waiting for us. Thank God, too, for the big help that the ground staff and flight stewardesses of Singapore Airlines for assisting Mommy.

When we reached our home, you’re so weak. Well, perhaps you must be very tired then. Imagine we had two stop overs! Whoala. Mommy had to carry you all the way from the NAIA until we reached the final airport of destination. Thank God for sending the angels and they guided me as I carried you in my arms. I really wondered if I fell asleep while you were in my arms. :d

I remember, too, that upon reaching our building, you smiled at Daddy. [You were sleeping when we reached the airport.] However, when we reached our home, you kept on crying whenever Daddy was trying to carry you or touch you. You were like that for four days! Haha. You probably thought that Daddy’s a stranger. Thank God that after four days you started to like him again. You were able to recognize that he’s your Daddy.

After a few days, you’re back to normal – the normal baby who never has a dull moment in her life! You always have the energy to crawl around, stand up for a few seconds on your own, roll from side to back to front, and do whatever you feel like doing at the moment. You danced like a pro when I told you to show your dancing skills to Daddy. You rock, baby!

At 10 months, you’re just starting out to carry a step. That was last night when Daddy and Mommy saw you walk a step forward without holding on to something. You were babied by your nanny for two months so you didn’t care yet to walk at that time. I hope that soon you’d walk, baby. Take your time. The most important thing for Mommy is that you must gain some two kilos for your weight and add inches to your height. Anyway, I am pretty sure that you’re advanced in some areas so I need not worry that much.

You have this habit of pinching Mommy. One time, you pinched Mommy with your little fingers. The next day, I checked my left arm and there were black marks on my arm! I screamed that night but didn’t think that your little fingers would really make some marks. One time, too, you grabbed my nipple from my shirt, and used it to help you as you stand up. Imagine that, you were pulling Mommy’s nipple so you can stand! Oh my.

You’re such an adorable baby. You are so sweet, too. You keep on leaning on Mommy’s tummy or Daddy’s arm whenever you can.

Just the other day, Daddy was laughing hard because you were mimicking his snore! You were snoring, too, while you were busily looking at Daddy’s mouth, and trying to open it.

Was it the other day, too, when you started saying the word “energy” without fret and difficulty? How about those days last month when you also said the words “pwede”? with matching intonation, and the word, “mimics”, upon hearing Mommy said those words? Wow, you’re so smart, baby!

Last night, we were already prepared to go out to buy your chair at Mothercare, while we were waiting for Daddy to put on his socks, when I told you the words “let’s go!” (the words that you often heard from Mama, your grandma, during your vacation back in the province), when all of a sudden you said, “bye, daddy”, with matching waving of your hand! Whoala! Both Daddy and Mommy heard that, baby, and yes, we’re really amazed at your cleverness. You thought that it’d just be you and Mommy who’d go out.

Just last night, too, after reaching home and we were all tired, Mommy was busily eating Prima biscuits. For the first time, Mommy wondered why you were so quiet in Mommy’s lap because usually you just don’t seem to sit down and just relax whenever I carry you. Mommy checked on what you were doing then. Presto! You’re silently eating one Prima biscuit on your hand! I checked your mouth! Whoala, you’re busily salivating and chewing the biscuit. You smiled back at Mommy. Oh so adorable, cute baby! I wondered then how you’re able to eat the biscuit because it was so hard! But I noticed that you wet first the biscuit with your saliva. Resourceful!

There are times though that I feel so tired not because of you, but because of other chores at home. We don’t have a nanny yet. I wish that it’s not difficult to get a nanny. I want us to have a nanny so that I can focus on you, on attending on your needs, and, also for Mommy to attend to my business needs. Don’t worry, you’re still Mommy’s topmost concern.

You don’t welcome the idea that I leave you on your crib even for just a second or two. Most of the time, too, when you’re sleeping, you’d suddenly be awaken if you notice or feel or smell that I just leave the bedroom. Just yesterday, I thought you’re in deep sleep that I decided to take a quick shower. Whoala, I was just trying to get some more water from the Coolpex when I saw you crawling on the floor! Haha.

I love you, baby. Thank you for being you.

This is all for now, baby. I need to write you this letter before Mommy’s memory becomes preoccupied with a lot of things.



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