Dear Baby: 28th natural letter for my baby


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February 11, 2010 @ 9:44a.m.

Dear Baby,

How my fingers itch as I type this natural letter for you! My 28th letter for my growing, gifted baby! Maybe you’re wondering why my fingers are itching…ahhh…I got hold of a temporary Internet connection, and I wanted to enjoy it while supply lasts until I don’t know when. I can’t wait to have our DSL again, perhaps, in a month or two. Sigh.

Mommy’s writing this letter in our new house. The house is still a mess right now. We transferred last February 7, but we don’t have the time to fix it. Yesterday, a terrible thing happened as Daddy was drilling the wall to put the filter for the washing machine in the bathroom. He drilled the pipe of the water!

You’re currently in your chair, holding that 5m-power tape measure, and yeah, you’re pulling it! I just hope you don’t hit your fingers or your face. You’re really a fast learner. Daddy and Mommy have been wondering how you learned to open the camera without turning on the power! How did you do that? Until now we could not decipher it.

Just last February 9 at around 11p.m., you surprised us with these words – they were so clear that we were astounded – “Daddy, look!”. It was just during that day that you heard the word, “look”, from Mommy as we both watched the window in our room. You point to something over the window whenever you hear the word, “look”. You never seize to amaze us with how you mimic our actions and voices. WOW. You’re such an amazing baby.

This morning, Daddy called and you grabbed the phone and said, “Dad”, over the phone. Whoala!

It seemed that the new house is favorable to your growth and development. You can freely move in the new house without fret and fear on your part and on Mommy’s, too, because the house is fully carpeted. You move a lot, stand up, crawl, sit, and more.

Welcome to our new house, baby, and hurrah to our new sense of freedom here. We have a balcony. We can, at least, go there and touch base with nature since we can’t go out by ourselves in the country that we’re in.



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