Dear Baby: 30th natural letter for my baby


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March 3, 2010 @ 10:46p.m.

Dear Baby,

How time flies! I was just about to write February in the date field of my letter for you, baby, when I realized that it’s already the 2nd day of March – wow, your birth month, actually! It’s also Mommy’s and Mama’s birth month! Wow – three generations in one birth month, how’s that?

Baby, you’ll be turning ONE three weeks from now! Daddy and Mommy are so excited to plan for your 1st birthday, baby! ONE is FUN! Yehey!

This letter has long been overdue, baby. Mommy was so busy, err, rather, Mommy was preoccupied with a lot of things. Mommy was on a roller coaster of emotions the past few days. Mommy’s grandmother, Lola, passed away last February 22. It was really a shocking news. Mommy got so emotional, and perhaps, there was a few times I did not properly take good care of you. During that period, Mommy’s Mama, your grandma, had to go to the hospital for some laboratory tests to be conducted on her. Good thing, the results of the laboratory tests of Mommy’s Mama were all normal. Thanks to Green Barley.

Now, Mom’s back to normal. I can now think well and plan well for your upcoming party. There are still questions that pop up such as: should we celebrate your birthday elsewhere? How many people should we invite to your party should we decide to celebrate it here? Where should we celebrate your 1st birthday? What should be our theme? What should be our gift to you? What should you be wearing? Ahh…such stuffs need careful planning, really, and yeah, lots of money, too. :d I’ll get to these issues once I’m done with my research. I know it’s kinda hard to celebrate parties, particularly, 1st birthday parties, when one lives overseas. But, no worries, baby. Daddy and Mommy will handle this well for you. Just sit back, relax, play, and read your books…

Speaking of books, we bought you another set of books in an Indian store somewhere in KCity this evening. Your eyes lighted when you opened those colored books! You really love to read. And oh, sometimes, Mommy is afraid that you’d tear your books just like what you did with your prayer book. :d Babies do that, I guess. This morning, I saw that you started to rip the pages of the IKEA mag. Uh-oh. Anyway. I’m sure that you’ll outgrown it once you learn how to read. Mommy already started teaching you how to read a few weeks back after Mommy learned in a video that “babies can read”.

We went to the church this evening. On our way to the gate, an Indian asked me, “are you the mama of the baby?” Mommy answered yes. Then he said, “You’re small”, and…blah.blah. And I answered back, with head held up high, “No problem.” He, then, said: “Of course, no problem. You have dimples.”, and touched his face with his fingers to symbolize where my dimples were. Mommy could hardly hear what he was saying. I was trying to locate in my memory about who this man was; if, indeed, I knew him or not; or where I saw this man. Aha. So here’s the same man who approached me last year, and told me, “Your baby is a Filipina? Small.” Or was she referring to me? This guy was so tall, really, and I wonder what he does with his height. Sure he got it, but why bother about people not having the same height as his? He must be amused about you, about me, or had no one to talk to so he started telling of some craps. Anyway, Mommy’s not hurt about such remarks. Did I tell you before, baby, that small people have great minds?

Mommy really doesn’t want to write such stuffs about height issues, weight issues. People seem to notice you everywhere we go. It’s because they are amused of your exotic looks. You are a darling, baby, and you smile a lot with people you hardly know. You seem to get their attention by calling them, by waving at them, by looking through their eyes until they are already hooked at you. Then, when people start to notice you, the inevitable happens. They would ask about your age. They always seem to be surprised. No worries. For as long as you are a healthy and active baby, and your mental development is way BEYOND your real age, Daddy and Mommy have nothing to worry about you. Let people worry about their own problems, too. One thing that Mommy has learned throughout your growing months is not to be bothered by people’s uncalled for remarks. There are babies that are slow to thrive in terms of physical growth, but, fast in terms of mental development. There are babies that are slow in terms of mental development, but, are fast in terms of physical aspect. You fall on the first category, baby. Daddy and Mommy would rather prefer the first category. It’s so hard to train a mind that is not open. The physical aspect of a person just fades through time.

You just turned 11 months last Feb. 27, and we celebrated it in Mughal Mahal. Daddy ordered a lot of foods that he barely knew the taste — only to regret afterwards. We thought of ordering your cake at WOW, but we hardly had the time to do so because Daddy was rushing to a meeting with a new friend that night.

After three days of turning 11 months, what are your developmental milestones, baby?

You are now saying the words ten thirty; eight thirty; and, teething without any difficulty! Those are in addition, of course, to the many other words that you know since you started talking at 17 days old. Mommy needs to update her memory about those words!

You are still too lazy to walk though, although, you already know how to walk when we guide you.

You just love to crawl, crawl, and crawl even when Mommy is sleeping! You’d crawl towards the bathroom, the living room, and storage room.

You love to stand up and go to where the cassette player is, and turn it on and off, until the only thing that you hear is the screeching sound of the player.

You love to look at the window and see the cats on the garbage boxes.

You love to watch the birds flying over the sky, or, the birds walking in the sand.

You love to call on the attention of people walking down the busy street by saying “psst!” A thing you heard from Daddy, and you started imitating it. Haha.

You love to stare at the old man with a cane. Do you remember that day when you stared at the old man for quite a long time because he had difficulty getting a cab? We both prayed for that old man, baby. You prayed with Mommy that the old man could finally get someone to drive him to where he was going. God heard our prayers, then. Every morning or lunch time, we always see this old man. We always pray to God that a good taxi driver or even someone (with private car) would assist him. Thank you, baby, for being Mommy’s prayer partner. How many times have we prayed together? We also prayed for Mommy’s Mama when she was at the hospital for her laboratory test results.

You love to eat Kubos, Marie biscuits, and Labaneh Cheese.

You now poop two or three times a day. Thank God! Before, you used to have hard stools. It was so difficult for you to poop.

Your teeth are just starting out to erupt – both in the lower and upper portions.

It is still difficult for Daddy and Mommy to change your nappies when soiled with poop. You’d start to crawl or stand up even when there’s still poop in your bottom. We’d give you a lot of toys to distract your attention from doing what you feel like doing during the clean-up period.

Daddy oftentimes wonder why you don’t like to be with him when you’re sleepy, or, when you want to sleep. There was a time when you woke up, and said “hey” to Daddy, and you realized Mommy wasn’t near you, you started crying! Daddy wonders, too, why you wouldn’t sip the bottle that he gives you when you’re about to sleep, but, you’d accept the same bottle that Mommy would press into your mouth. Aha. Call that favoritism, eh? :d

You know how to get down from our bed with your feet on the ground. You understand the words, “Feet first, baby”.

You love to squeeze your body near Daddy’s big arms when sleeping. One time, you woke up crying because you were already in our carpeted floor. Bogg! You fell from our bed because Daddy already got up from the bed, and he forgot to put you back near the center of our bed.

You love to eat normal foods eaten by adults. You dislike eating baby foods…sometimes.

You love to dance even to some tunes made naturally like the sound of the spoon hitting the glass; the tapping of the fingers on the table. Are you August Rush, baby? Daddy and Mommy love that movie so much! We know that you’re a music prodigy, baby, and yes, a prodigy for the English language, too.

The bottom line, baby, is that, YOU’RE A GIFTED BABY. And we thank the Lord for having a wonderful baby like you. Daddy and Mommy, and all the rest of the family members back home love you so much.

Be a good girl always, baby.



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