Dear Baby: 32nd natural letter for my baby


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March 15, 2010 @ 2:52p.m.

Dear Baby,

How are you feeling, baby? I hope you’re better now. Last night you were so fussy. Daddy and Mommy were so sorry that we didn’t play with you unlike the past days wherein we all slept with our smiles on our faces, and laughter in our subconscious. It’s because we let someone enveloped our moods. You must have felt our agonies last night because you are well connected with us. So sorry for that. Daddy and Mommy promised that our bedroom won’t be a discussion room about negative people. Last night, Daddy and Mommy promised, too, that you won’t experience joining the rat race. You’ll be soaring high, baby, in your future because as early as now, we are ensuring your future. God be with us.

A few days from now, you’ll be turning ONE, baby. We decided to hold it at McDonald’s near our place. They cover everything from invitation, games, programs, food, video coverage, and decor, so it’s a good deal. We haven’t distributed the invitation cards, yet, but will do so tomorrow. We aren’t sure about how many kids will show up on your birthday, as we don’t have much friends with kids in this country we are in. That’s too bad for expatriates like us. It’s somehow hard to make friends, particularly, in this country. But Mommy is sure that it won’t spoil the fun on your birthday party! It’s because 1st year birthday is for the family and adult friends in your life, baby.

How have you been doing lately? Uh-oh. You suffered from on and off loose bowel movement last week, and that alarmed Mommy! Glad that it already stopped. It wasn’t that serious because I thought it comes with your teething. Speaking of teething, uh-oh, Mommy’s somehow alarmed because your teeth on the lower portion are a bit crooked! Hmm. I read somewhere that there are babies who also have crooked teeth when they’re young. But that shouldn’t be alarming because those teeth would fall out and would be replaced by permanent teeth. Let’s be vigilant in caring for your teeth, baby. Please cooperate with Mommy when I clean your tongue and teeth.

Two nights ago, baby, you really warmed Daddy’s and Mommy’s hearts. Since you were young, we knew that you’re a child who knows how to make balance in dealing with Daddy and Mommy so no one gets jealous. :) The other night, however, it was the first time we witnessed this: You leaned your back on Mommy, your right hand is stretched out on Mommy’s neck, while your left hand was holding Daddy’s finger! You even called Daddy’s attention that he should hold your hand or you would hold his hand! How’s that for an 11-month old baby? Words aren’t enough to describe you, baby. You’re simply amazing!I remember you said the word, thirty three, when you heard it for the first time while Mommy was talking with our family friend, Isfk.

This morning, it occurred to Mommy that we haven’t been to your baby doctor for two visits. But don’t worry, baby, we’ll visit your new baby doctor tonight. We’re hoping to get someone who could really make an improvement on your growth.

You’re still asleep, baby. Thank God you didn’t notice Mommy when I moved out from our bed. I was able to take a quick shower while you’re still sleeping. Uh-oh. Wait, you’re now awake. Time for your snack!



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