Dear Baby: 33rd natural letter for my baby


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March 29, 2010 @ 8:18p.m.

Dear Baby,


How time flies, baby! You just celebrated your first birthday two days ago! WOW! Mommy was late in writing you this letter. Anyway, it’s better late than never. How did your first birthday go? Ah. Although there were many who did not attend because of previous appointments like they had work to do, your 1st birthday party was a blast, baby. Everyone enjoyed – the games, the laughter, the mascots, and more. It was just that I guess you didn’t enjoy the party, did you? Mommy carried you for 2.5 hours! You really wanted to play with some kids there, but, I didn’t allow you. You were wearing a fairy dress, and I didn’t want you to step on it. Not that it’s long. It’s just that you still love to crawl, and the floor, where your party was held, was so cold.

After the party, you fell asleep for almost two hours. When you woke up, Daddy and Mommy gathered all the things and made you pick up one item from them. Oh, baby, you made Daddy cry when you picked up the computer mouse! Mommy thought that something went into Daddy’s eyes, but, oh boy, he was crying, indeed! I asked him why he cried, and he said, that you’re sharing what Daddy loves to do – computer programming and related stuffs. Mommy thought you’d pick up the colorful things around you, but, you just touched them. Your cute, little hand picked up the black, shiny mouse. Then, later, you picked up the mobile phone! WOW! So most probably, baby, you’ll be in Communication & Development. Wow! Nice! Then, you picked up the book and the pen! Wow. Those were the items you picked up: Mouse, Mobile Phone, Book, and Pen.

At 1 year old, you still love to crawl, baby, although you’re already good at standing alone. You’re still afraid to walk on your own, but, when Mommy or Daddy holds you on your shoulders, you really walk like a pro, or, in fact, like a runner. You don’t walk. You want to run! It’s just like what you when you are on your walker. You walk backward, forward, like you’re catching up the airplane.

How you love Dora the Explorer! You really interact with Dora and Boots every time you watch them! Mommy’s thinking that we really should have a cable at home. We’ll see.

Last night, we attended the mass at the Church. Everyone was asking about you, how many months you’re. I said 6. They were in disbelief because you’re small, they said. UGGGH! We really don’t want to lie about your age, but, just to stop people from saying other things, we tell what they wanted to believe in. There was this fellow Filipina, who remarked, “ang liit (very small). I told her, you know you shouldn’t be judging people, especially babies. You don’t know her other capabilities. Why are you judging my baby?” She was silent. We walked away.

After the mass, we went to the office, and waited for Daddy as he talked with a friend. While waiting for Daddy, Mommy saw this Indian man walking from the door. Without fail, this Indian man did it again. He said these words, “small Filipino”, referring to you with matching action of his hands. He had been doing that for four times already, three times this year, and once last year. Do you know what Mommy did, baby?

Mommy got up, and with all her might, I said these words:

“So, what’s your problem?”

“Nothing. It’s nice.” He answered me back.

“I can see you’re tall. So you should be happy.”

He started walking away from us. We followed him right until he was out of the door. I sensed his fear from Mommy’s rising voice.

“You have been doing that crap for several times now! What’s your problem? Ha!” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

He walked away, right from the door.

I cried in silence.

You see, baby, Mommy really doesn’t want to capitalize on this size issues. I really don’t want you to live in a world that is full of labels – small, big, thin, fat. Always remember you’re unique; you’re well-loved.



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