Hey mom! Your one-year old baby can read!


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Oh so you thought that your one-year old baby doesn’t know how to use a book! Fret not. Your one-year old baby can read and would love to read!

That’s what I witnessed in my one-year old baby this afternoon. I was lying in bed with a small book in my hand. When she woke up beside me, she grabbed my book, and began pointing to the letters. She mimicked what I said. I read the title of the book, “Writing a Children’s Book”. Instead of reading what was written in the book, I began reciting the alphabet. She then managed to at least say, “a, b…”, the way she was trying to recite the alphabet! In between saying those letters, at least, the first two letters (with b not entirely clear yet), she was smiling at me, showing me her 4 emerging teeth! What a cutie.

So babies can read. They really care to learn how to read at a young age of 12 months. If we, mothers, stimulate that hunger for learning in our children, teaching them how to love reading won’t be hard. Reading makes any man wise and learned. It’s something that needs to be cultivated in our toddlers.

My baby has started to love books at the age of 4 months. Until now, she holds books like a pro. She points to the letters and tries to pretend that she’s reading them. She’s probably not pretending; she’s really reading because of the way her eyes scrolls over the letters, over the sentences, over the paragraphs, with matching pointing of her fingers.

If your baby doesn’t love to hold books, try to encourage her everyday by giving colorful books. Babies love to hear the flapping of the pages from one page to another. They love to be in control. My baby, for example, loves to hold heavy books of his Daddy. When she was still young, say, from 4 months up, she loved to hold big, heavy books, and not her toy books. She had this interest in books because she saw this from us, her parents. Her Daddy and I are bookworms. We always have books in our bed. That way, our baby thought that “reading” a book is, indeed, fun! Every now and then, I recite to her the Humpty Dumpty rhyme. Oh, boy, how she loves to hear it! You could see her smile every time I recite it.

Happy reading with your babies!

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