Look Ma! I’m 1 and I can write!


Posted on : 31-03-2010 | By : dutdot | In : All about my baby, Expat Blogging

That’s what I witnessed this morning. Not that I could understand what my baby girl “wrote” in her notebook; but, as I saw it, she held her pen like a pro. Believe me when I say that. I feel overwhelmed when I saw how she was trying to learn how to “write”.

I gave her a small notepad, her pencil case, ruler, and pen. She immediately held the pen in her left hand and started to scribble. I thought I would teach her how to hold a pen, but, oh boy, she already was holding it like she was about to write, err, actually, she was already “writing” some lines, crooked though. Well, the point is, my one-year old knows how to use a pen, and that she’s already aware that by pressing it more would enable her to make a doodle, while saying the alphabet! Oh, she could just fluently say the letter “a”, and the rest isn’t clear that yet. She could say difficult words without fret, in fact, she has been saying three-syllable words. Wow ha, it’s already a milestone for a year old baby! Who wouldn’t be proud of a baby like mine? :)

I started teaching my baby how to talk as early as she was days old. I heard her say the word “uu” (for poop) at 17 days old. Then until now, she is mimicking every single word that she hears from us, including our intonation. Too bad, her Daddy and I are always speaking in our dialect. But we are now resolving to speak in English. The good thing is, our baby understands English and speaks it. After learning how to talk, I inculcated in my baby the love for reading. Now that she’s into books, I started introducing to her how to write by giving her the materials needed in writing. This time around, too, I am teaching her how to listen to English shows. For now, her favorite is Dora The Explorer.

I realized that teaching our babies at an earlier age or early start isn’t that hard, really. We just have to provide the environment, and pretty soon, our kiddies will realize by themselves on how things work, such as, how to flip a magazine or book, how to hold a pencil or pen, how to make expressions. As of this moment, I just heard her say, “Oh, maan!”, mimicking Swiper, the quick, sneaky fox, in Dora the Explorer.

Happy writing with your babies!

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