One-year old addicted to chocolate


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I’m not sure if it was my fault or not why my one-year old baby is addicted to chocolate.

I just tried giving her a pinch of chocolate right after when she turned one. In our center table is a bowl of chocolates for visitors (for display also?). My baby now moves a lot at one year old, and would reach out to any object that she sees around the house.

Baby opened by herself, and ate the chocolate on the center (gold cover). I just got it from her because she was already eating almost half of it.

I caught her eating chocolates for two times already. Actually, if I didn’t catch her opening the chocolates, she would have eaten more than just two of it. Yes, she really has a knack for opening chocolates. No one taught her how to though. It just comes naturally in her. Name it. She knows where to put shades (eyes). She knows where to put mobile phone (ears). She knows how to turn on and off the TV, the cassette player, and more. She knows where to turn on the speaker phone (when I didn’t see where it was before). And, oh well, a lot more…

When I was pregnant with my baby, I ate a lot of chocolates and sweets. I read in my research that eating chocolates and sweets would make a happy baby. I guess I believed in something that hasn’t scientific basis for it. We’ll see; I’ll make a research about it later. The problem was, my weight ballooned when I was pregnant with my baby.

Now that my baby is a year old, her taste bud is gearing towards the sweets. Oh. I really don’t want her teeth to suffer and also her blood sugar in the years ahead.

I have to remove the chocolate bowl in our center table.

I have to offer her more vegetables and fruits, instead.

To be young, and to be inquisitive – my baby is on this stage, I know. I just need to be more cautious though not critical of her. Last night, she pinched me on my arm, and I cried in pain. Knowing that she made a mistake, she turned her face away from me, and buried her face on my shoulder. Do one-year old babies act like that way already?

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