Dear Baby: 34th natural letter for my baby


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April 8, 2010 @ 8:41p.m.

Dear Baby,

How are you, my baby? How was your first trip with Daddy and Mommy at the bus from the city to house? Ah, there’s a story about it that Mommy has to tell you.

Yesterday was another awakening moment of our everyday living in this country we are in, your birthplace. It was a moment or realization that made us be awakened of the fact that tested our faith in God, in Daddy’s and Mommy’s cases. We are thankful to Him, really, for giving us this chance to start anew.

After the incident at Daddy’s work yesterday, we became closer to God again. We attended mass. On our way to the church, we thought that we were tested. It was so windy. I was afraid of the dust that might enter your eyes. I protected you with your umbrella. You know what happened, baby? Mommy prayed these exact words, “In Jesus Name, let the wind stop!” In an instant, the strong wind was gone; there was no more dust in the air”. The umbrella was no longer resisting the strong wind. There was total silence for a few seconds. Until we were at the in front of the construction area where Daddy said, “the strong wind was compressed there”, and the wind gushed. It was so loud that I became to panic because some dust came into my eyes. I was afraid that some particles might enter your eyes, too. I believed in God. I held on to Him. Then the air cleared again. We saw an empty taxi coming by, just in front of us. Initially, we thought of going by the bus. But we might be very late by then in attending the mass. And besides, the taxi was heaven sent. He just knew what road to take.

There’s, really, no doubt, baby, that if we call on to God, He will always be there. Problems arise because sometimes people who cause these problems aren’t in our control. Sometimes they become problematic not because of us but because of themselves; they probably have unresolved issues in life. Just hang on and pray to God. God always triumphs over the bad things, bad people. Sometimes we encounter problems to let us know that we cannot do it alone. Without God, we cannot solve any problem, big or small. We always have to depend on God even on happy times.

At the church, it was Daddy’s and Mommy’s first time to receive the Holy Body of Christ after a year. We promise to be more faithful to God because He has always been faithful to us. I remember what Daddy told me this afternoon, “I miss being in God’s arms”, that’s so true. We are a spiritual family. There are just times that we miss going to the church, but, now that we’re closer to God’s house, and the ride isn’t long anymore, [it’s so hard not to have a car in a foreign land, baby, because of the strict rules in getting a license], we will always be at His house, for us to feel His warm embrace all the time in a place that is full of cold people. Don’t worry, soon, we will be uprooting.

Daddy and Mommy were really sorry for the times we have had little faith in God, or, the many times we relied on ourselves. We are humbled once again, and we are thankful to God because we can teach you another valuable lessons in life: never take things for granted; never ever rely on oneself; always pray to God no matter what you are feeling – happy or sad/low or high/poor or rich.

By the way, did you know why we rode the bus for the first time? Buses in this country that we are in are air-conditioned and the fare is cheaper than taxis, of course. For a year, we always rode the taxis because we thought it’s much better that way. So last night, Daddy and Mommy resolved to make it a point to save because living abroad doesn’t guarantee any security. It’s much better to be prepared. What is good with buses here is that women are given the first seats so it’s really not cumbersome. And also, you’re a big bigger now than you were before so it’s not that hard to ride the buses (for short trips only; for longer trips, we’d surely ride a cab).

As soon as possible, Mommy will teach you personal finance. :)

This is all for now.




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