Dear Baby: 35th natural letter for my baby


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April 20, 2010 @ 11:42p.m.

Dear Baby,

You’re sleeping, baby, as Mommy writes this letter for you. I am writing you a letter to tell you how much I love you. Daddy loves you, too. He misses us so much. He’s currently at work at this time – 11:42p.m. – when he should be home by 4:30p.m. or earlier. It’s because of his work. He was asked to deliver something that is beyond his scope of work.

Daddy was saying this morning that he wanted to play with us, with you, in particular. He wanted the weekdays to be over soon. Last weekend, Daddy was also at the office. Let’s pray that Daddy would be able to finish his work ASAP so he would have enough time for you.

You’re so cute, baby, when you say, “hi daddy” over the phone. As you hold the phone, it’s as if you wanted to tell more, to talk more about what’s happening in your life. You’re so adorable.

Was it last week, too, when you stood and kissed Mommy on the cheek? Oh, wow. I will forever remember that scenario, baby. Your cute lips touching Mommy’s cheek. It was so full of love, baby. I love you so much.

You have this habit of pressing your face, your forehead, on Mommy’s face. Haha. On Daddy, you don’t do that. Daddy said that, instead, you step on his neck with your legs! Haha.

Baby, I am sorry for the times I have “neglected” you. Mommy’s so busy these days. But rest assured that I will always have time to play with you, and continue on our homeschooling. I am really determined to teach you how to read and write while you’re just a year old.

I am sure you are now ready to walk. But I guess you’re still afraid to walk alone. It will come. I know that in your time, you’ll walk alone.

Sometimes, I am scared to leave you alone. There were many times I saw you moving out of your walker and high chair. You are literally on top of your high chair! Uh-oh. You don’t want to be squeezed anymore or be bounded by the strings of your walker and high chair.

When we stroll, too, around the neighborhood, and you’re on your stroller, you don’t want to sit by facing us. You want to see where we are going, the people we’re meeting on the road. Sign of independence, huh! You also love to stand on your stroller while we are walking. Wow. It’s not our bed, baby. Hehe.

This is all for now.

Be healthy and happy…always.



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