Dear Baby: 39th natural letter for my baby


T H E 39th L E T T E R

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May 29, 2010 @ 9:15p.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello, baby! You’re sleeping while Mommy writes this letter.

Daddy and Mommy are so happy today; you’ve been practicing on how to walk! Wow. You’re awesome, really!

This morning, too, you helped Daddy as he did some carpentry works at home. You were helping him in putting back the nuts and bolts into the plastic. Wow. You’re really good at following instructions!

We were amazed, too, because you saw this cotton bud at the floor; you picked it up, and put it into your ear! You were trying to clean your ear! How’s that for a 14-month old baby! Oh, God, I am so thankful to Him for giving us a gifted, awesome, beautiful (in-out) baby!

While in our bed, you were busily playing when Mommy got up, danced on the floor. You also got out from bed, and was making a presentation, too, in front of Daddy! Wow! Awesomeness!

Did I mention in my previous letter that you were showing your walking skills to Papa, Mama, Auntie Ne, Auntie Ting, and Nanny 2 — back home?

Thank God you’re now beginning to enjoy walking. Sometimes you still fall off, but, as much as possible, you really want to walk. Uh-oh, before I forget to mention this, Mommy was dancing on the floor when I told you to dance, too. I grabbed your hands, and presto, you were dancing, too!

And, oh, you do understand English words. I asked you this morning if your teeth were brushed…and guess what? You said no through moving your head from left to right, and you opened your mouth and put your fingers on your teeth! I was really shocked! Yes, Mommy didn’t brush your teeth! Not only that, you knew what Mommy was talking about!


Mommy cried a bit this afternoon because I AM so proud of what you’ve become, my baby! A self-reliant, self-supporting, GIFTED, brilliant, with the right manners baby, and yes, just at 14 months old!

Thank You, God.

Thank you, baby.



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Dear Baby: 38th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  38th L E T T E R

May 27, 2010 @ 12:36a.m.

Dear Baby:

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Happy 14th month birthday, baby!

Wow. How time flies, really! You’re now 14 months old. Oh, you were able to take some 17 steps! Wow…from four steps a couple of days back to 17! That’s awesome. my baby.

At 14 months, here are the things that you can do (in addition to those that you’ve been doing in the past):

You know the actions of the songs – different songs, actually. The songs are: “My head, my knees; Twinkle, Twinkle; Eentsy spider; Mix the chocolate by Dora”…Wow. You really know what action to do by just hearing the first words for each song.

You know a lot of English words now.

You know that wave, bye, waving have the same meaning. You show the action through your hand.

You know that clap and clapping mean the same thing.

You are good in drinking from the cup now.

You started to like eating rice, without viand.

You don’t like baby food anymore.

You love to feed yourself.

Mommy said the word “hot” and you mimicked me.

You love to call Daddy on the phone. The other day, a male friend called Mommy on the phone. You thought it was Daddy on the other line. You blabbered. I told you it wasn’t Daddy. You were silent, then. :)

Lately, you don’t sleep when Mommy’s not beside you. There was a time when you got up for four times every time you felt that Mommy left the room. I thought you were asleep already, but, each time I got out of our bed, you’d start crying. :)

Was it the other day…when Mommy placed your plate on top of the table – you didn’t see it when I put it there, when I got back after 10 minutes, you’re already holding the plate, eating your food! You’re self-supporting, baby, very independent at your age!

This is all for now, baby. Mommy’s so sleepy now.

I’ll write more, next time.



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Dear Baby: 37th natural letter for my baby


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T H E 37th L E T T E R

May 17, 2010 @ 11:22p.m.

Dear Baby,

This might be a quick letter, baby.

I’d just like to tell you that tonight, we witnessed how you were able to take two steps! Hurrah! Pretty soon, you’ll be walking. Mommy and Daddy are excited!

Thank you for being a very sweet baby girl. You love to kiss Mommy and Daddy on our faces. You’re adorable. Daddy would always call from work because he misses you a lot. He said that by just hearing you on the background is enough to make his day.

You have 6 teeth now. Whoa!

You love to play at night with Daddy.

Oh. I remember a few hours ago, baby. You’re playing with Daddy when I suddenly interrupted the two of you. I talked with Daddy, and you suddenly fell silent. You went behind Mommy’s back, and went away when I didn’t notice you. You went to Daddy and leaned on his shoulder. Just then, I realized that playtime with Daddy wasn’t over yet. So sorry, baby. Mommy won’t do it again. I am so proud of you – you really know where to put yourself when adults talk. Thank you for reminding me of manners – not to interrupt or to ask permission from you even if you’re still a baby.

I have good news to share with you, baby. This blog, mommy’s blog about my letters to you, is one of the best links at the MomBlogs Community! Wow. There are over 600 blogs in that category for momblogs international, and it’s an honor to be included as one of the best links for that category. Thank you, baby. This blog is all about you. Here’s the screen shot so Mommy won’t forget about it.

This is all for now.



Dear Baby: 36th natural letter for my baby


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T H E 36th L E T T E R

May 13, 2010 @ 3:55a.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello! It’s been a while since I last wrote you a letter. Mommy has been very busy over the past month. Election is over. It was a tough moment back home because Papa didn’t win. The journey was worth it! God is good. Everything happened for the best!

Now, I’d be able to focus more on you. How are you? I hope you’re just doing great. As Mommy writes this, you’re in our bedroom while Mommy writes this letter in our living room. :d I hope to finish this letter before you finally sense that I’m not near you.

You’re exactly 1yr 1mo 17 days old! Whoa! How time flies, huggies! I wish you’d gain more weight and add more inches in your height. Mommy’s quite worried but you seem to eat well these days. As your doctor told Mommy and Daddy, it would take a while before you can adjust to your growth curve because you were born a little bit smaller than a regular-sized newborn. Anyways…for as long as you’re way ahead on your mental development and you’re a very happy baby, all is well, baby.

Mommy introduced to you the DVD Your Baby Can Read. Oh, boy, how you learned fast in imitating the actions there. Now, you know how to do the actions, “arms up, arms down, open your mouth, where’s your nose, wave” even when you don’t see the actions or when I tell those words to you. I thought you don’t seem to pay attention to the screen because you seem to move around a lot (in your walker) when you watch the DVD. But when it comes to mimicking what has been said on the DVD, you’d boast it by showing your actions to Mommy and Daddy. Good girl!

Mommy wished she was able to introduce it to you when you were just a month old. Perhaps, you’re probably now reading a book. :) Just kidding. I’m not rushing you, baby, because I know that you have a great sense in picking things up quickly.

Was it last week when you ate raw kangkong and chew it as fast as you could? Mommy was too late to get it. Glad you’re OK then. :d

Two nights ago, Daddy, Mommy, and you were facing the mirror. You were at the center. Oh, how you love it when you see us that way, having a group hug, dancing all together. You feel so loved, baby. Daddy and Mommy wouldn’t forget that night wherein you blinked your eyes for several times when Daddy and Mommy said, “oh, nay..” Your cuteness lingers in our minds. You’re such an adorable baby.

Wow. You seem to know how to really use the phone. You’d call up Daddy at the office and talk endlessly with him over the phone, as if you are really telling him stories about your day. Hehe. You’re also quite adept at using Mommy’s Imate phone, oh, you’d use any other materials to “write” on the screen of the phone. You seem to be very attentive at how things are being used! How did you know that you could write on the screen of the phone? And with the other mobile phone where it wasn’t touch screen, how did you know where to put the charger on that phone?

Uh-oh, you’re also fond of turning off the power when Mommy’s busy at the laptop. You’d look at Mommy afterwards after you’ve sensed that the power is already off, waah, to mommy’s horror.

Yesterday afternoon, it was to Mommy’s hearty laugh when I heard you said a loud, “naaaay”. Hahaha. I saw that you were taking a few steps on your own and you were kind of afraid of falling on the floor. I really laughed so hard because that expression is, really, so Filipino. Nothing wrong with that. It’s just that Mommy’s so amazed to hear it from you. Hahaha.

You’d love to walk, Mommy can sense that, but you’re still too afraid. Now, you don’t walk on four knees anymore, I mean, your knees aren’t touching the floor anymore, but only your hands. Daddy said, like a monkey! You “walk” so fast, really, that you amaze us with your speed.

Last May 8, I remember, glad I was able to write it somewhere, when Daddy gave you your milk, he asked you to say “thank you”, and oh, boy, you really said it in your most sweetest tone.


You’re a lovely, baby, and so smart, too. Mommy’s thinking of giving you a new nickname. Haha, for the 3rd time. Uh-oh. I really like the name “Aleka (Alika)…How about that? It would be your choice, baby. Maybe, when you’re old enough to choose your own nickname, please do so.

Till here and more letters next time!