Dear Baby: 38th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  38th L E T T E R

May 27, 2010 @ 12:36a.m.

Dear Baby:

Baby eating baby food (blended green beans)
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Happy 14th month birthday, baby!

Wow. How time flies, really! You’re now 14 months old. Oh, you were able to take some 17 steps! Wow…from four steps a couple of days back to 17! That’s awesome. my baby.

At 14 months, here are the things that you can do (in addition to those that you’ve been doing in the past):

You know the actions of the songs – different songs, actually. The songs are: “My head, my knees; Twinkle, Twinkle; Eentsy spider; Mix the chocolate by Dora”…Wow. You really know what action to do by just hearing the first words for each song.

You know a lot of English words now.

You know that wave, bye, waving have the same meaning. You show the action through your hand.

You know that clap and clapping mean the same thing.

You are good in drinking from the cup now.

You started to like eating rice, without viand.

You don’t like baby food anymore.

You love to feed yourself.

Mommy said the word “hot” and you mimicked me.

You love to call Daddy on the phone. The other day, a male friend called Mommy on the phone. You thought it was Daddy on the other line. You blabbered. I told you it wasn’t Daddy. You were silent, then. :)

Lately, you don’t sleep when Mommy’s not beside you. There was a time when you got up for four times every time you felt that Mommy left the room. I thought you were asleep already, but, each time I got out of our bed, you’d start crying. :)

Was it the other day…when Mommy placed your plate on top of the table – you didn’t see it when I put it there, when I got back after 10 minutes, you’re already holding the plate, eating your food! You’re self-supporting, baby, very independent at your age!

This is all for now, baby. Mommy’s so sleepy now.

I’ll write more, next time.



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