Dear Baby: 40th natural letter for my baby


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T H E 40th L E T T E R

June 2, 2010 @ 11:04p.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello my dearest baby? You’re sleeping now as Mommy writes this 40th letter for you! Wow, 40th letter for my 14-month old baby.

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You’re 14 months now, baby. How time flies, really! Was it yesterday or the other day when you practiced walking for a bit longer than usual – 3 meters! WOW. And oh, did I hear you sing this afternoon? You were at the computer room. Mommy was at the living room, talking with someone on the phone. I left you at the computer room. The laptop was playing your DVD, then suddenly, I heard you’re singing the song Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star! You weren’t singing the words, yet, but, oh, you’re hitting the right tune!

This morning, too, Mommy was singing Charice’s Pyramid. You were also singing the song. Hurrah, baby! I am sure you’d be a singer, too, when you grow up.

Last night, we went to Tito Doc, your baby doctor. We thought you really gained weight for the past month. Uh-oh. No. Tito Doc said he isn’t worried because you’re a very strong baby. Tita nurse just couldn’t hold you because you were crying so hard. She couldn’t just get your weight. Mommy is wondering where on earth does  your food go through from your mouth to where? You’re a good eater, baby, but it seems you’re having a hard time in gaining weight. You are also being tricky now in drinking your vitamins. In most cases, World War III happens first before you’d drink your vitamins. The only supplement that you’d gladly drink is green barley. Thanks to it because your colds didn’t push through.

Last night, too, we went to your godmother. Oh baby, there we noticed how glued your eyes were on the TV screen. Haha. We don’t have cable at home so you don’t watch TV programs. Mommy also chose to limit your time in watching Dora the Explorer. Mommy is now focused on teaching you how to read and speak. Last night, you really have a grasp of what’s happening on the TV program. There was this movie wherein the young girl (who was possessed by an evil one) was grappling the neck of the young boy. Suddenly, we heard you say something as if telling the bad young girl to stop what she was doing because it was bad. Haha. You’re really a clever girl, baby.

Last night, too, I noticed that you already have a sense for fashion. At 14 months! I was putting on your shoes – the colored one that would match your dress. But before that, I put on your soft, white shoes. You resisted because it was the white shoes that you wanted! I removed the white shoes but you put it back. Daddy said the pair you wanted wasn’t becoming, really, with your dress last night. So Mommy had to put on the other pair of shoes. Hmmm. We have to buy a new pair of shoes for you, baby, perhaps this weekend.

Did I mention to you in my previous letter how Mommy and Daddy are having a hard time in bathing you? Ahhh. I wonder why you have suddenly became so afraid of water! When you were younger, you love to stay in water! But now, you’d cling on to Mommy and Daddy whenever we put water into your hair and body such that it’d look like we’re also taking a bath!

Ahh  I heard you’re crying now. You must be hungry. This is all for now.



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