Dear Baby: 41st natural letter for my baby


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T H E  41st  L E T T E R

June 7, 2010 @ 12:50a.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello baby.You’re fast asleep now. You must be very tired because you fell asleep while you’re sitting on Mommy’s lap. We had dinner with friends. Glad that you’re able to get along well with your godmother. Last night, we had dinner at the Fil-cuisine. How you loved the kare-kare!

You’re so kind, baby. Even wen you’re tired, sleepy, you just won’t cry. You’d fall asleep silently. Even when you’re hungry, you’d just feed yourself.

This letter should have been written four days ago. Ahh, I remember that night when you kissed Mommy and Daddy. Daddy was crying that night out of joy. The next morning when you woke up, you kissed Mommy for three times. Wow. You’re such a darling, baby. Mommy also cried when you kissed her for over twenty times the next evening while you only kissed Daddy for two times. Oh, I remember you were kissing us on our lips, and Mommy said “no”. Just then, while you were about to kiss Daddy on the lips, I just said “no”, and you stopped – you raised your hand to signify “no” by shaking your pointing finger to the right and to the left. Cool!

This morning, you walked a bit longer – 4meters. Hmmm. Great achievement, baby. Last night, you also learned how to turn around without falling!

Mommy’s worry was a bit lessened when a friend told me that – for as long as you’re healthy, I shouldn’t be worried of your weight. Yes, he’s right. Some kids your age might probably be weighing almost double your weight. Uh-oh. Anyways, I am pretty sure that you’d catch up. I hope it would be soon, baby. You’re a good eater. I just hope you’re absorbing the nutrients properly. Hmmm. You don’t like the pediasure milk – even the choco flavor. I wonder why you love chocolates but you dislike the choco-flavored milk.

Another friend also asked if you suffered from fever when you’re teething. Daddy and Mommy were so proud to say that your resistance is so strong – thank God – because you never suffered from sleepless nights, feverish nights from teething. It’s all because of Green Barley, I guess.

Last weekend, we had fun at McDonald’s. We woke up early, walked around the vicinity, and had our first breakfast as family at McDonald’s. It was a dream come true for us. Daddy and Mommy were talking about it years ago – when we were still single – that we’d have a family breakfast outside. Now we have a baby after longish years. Thank you, baby, for coming into our lives.

A friend told me I should start having my second baby, your baby brother or sister. Yes, I think I have to consider it. Previously, I only want one child. Now that I have you, baby, I feel that you should have a sibling to play with. I think it’s not a good idea just to have one baby. You play alone. There are times when I see your glow when you see other babies, kids around. BUT…we should have a nanny first at home. And, you should start walking for real on your own, baby, and you should start having a conversation with us now, baby. Haha. That’s the prerequisite before we consider having your baby sibling.

This is all for now. It’s past 1 a.m. now. Gotta sleep.



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