Dear baby: 42nd natural letter for my baby


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T H E  42nd L E T T E R

June 11, 2010 @ 12:23a.m.

Dear Baby,

Howdy! You and Daddy are fast asleep as Mommy writes this letter, my 42nd letter to you, Baby. Wow. How time flies, really! I’ve been meaning to write you everyday, but, it seems Mommy hasn’t much time to do so. We don’t have a maid yet so it’s kinda hard for Mommy to do such letter-writing everyday – although, honestly, Mommy would love to!

Supposed to be, we’d meet our 2nd maid last night, but sad to say she didn’t confirm, call, txt us. Anyways, we don’t force someone to be our household help. Her husband just recommended her. In God’s time, we’ll find the right maid/nanny for us, baby.

I felt relieved though that she didn’t come to our house last night. Mommy was so tired cleaning our messes but it was all worth it…even though I felt guilty that I let you eat all by yourself. Well, you’d eat some and then threw the content of your plate on the floor. Mommy let you watch Barney and you were hooked with it. The episode was about learning the ABCs.

You’re such an adorable baby. You love to kiss Daddy and Mommy. Did I mention that in my previous letters? Anyway, I remember last week, we were chatting with Mama and Auntie Ne when all of a sudden, you held Daddy’s face with your left hand and let Daddy faced you so you could kiss his cheek. Wow! So sweet, really. Uh-oh, it seems though that you’re addicted in kissing us! You’d kiss our legs, arms, pants, and even my sock! I was very shocked when you kissed my sock, baby! LOL.

You, most probably, got our habit to kiss you everywhere! Haha.

The other night, we bought new dresses for you. They were half-priced! Awesome. :)

It seems you really do understand every word that Mommy says. I told you about Ms. Pinky, your bestfriend at home – she’s your favorite toy. When I mentioned Ms. Pinky’s name, you got her, got up, and danced with her? Not so sure about what you wanted to do with her. There were times, too, that you kissed Ms. Pinky!  Soon, Mommy will upload Ms. Pinky’s picture.

It’s weekend again. We’ll be eating somewhere tomorrow!

This is all for now, baby.



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