Dear Baby: 43rd natural letter for my baby


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T H E  43rd  L E T T E R

June 12, 2010 @4:01p.m.

Dear Baby,

A BIG SORRY, my dearest baby!

Mommy felt I’m the worst mother on Earth! How come I just waited for you to fell down on that hard surface (although you fell on the rubber part)? How come I didn’t grab you so you could have prevented yourself from being injured – your lips were inflamed; there were some drops of blood. God, I could not forgive myself. I wailed and wailed. You were crying even when Daddy helped you get up. I got you from Daddy. You suddenly stopped crying, but, I was still crying while kissing you all over your face.

Prior to sitting on that sofa near the corner, I saw that you might fall on the exerciser. Then, suddenly, you changed your position away from the edge of the sofa. I was relieved. I sat down and continued with what I was doing…

Then, the inevitable happened. I noticed that you were about to fall. I stood up, and was too shocked to move! Dang! Why didn’t I grab you instantly? Mommy was so shocked, baby. Mommy learned the lesson. Next time, I’d be on your rescue, I promise.

Your lips are inflamed due to the heavy bump on the rubber. Good thing, it was the rubber part where you fell. Mommy’s still shocked as I write this. I couldn’t believe I was that bad because of the shock I just witnessed. In almost all cases of taking care of you, this was the first time that Mommy got so reckless. I felt so stupid.

Off to a lighter topic.

Last night, we bought a board for you, baby. It is double-sided: one for chalk, and one for pen. While at the mall, Mommy tried to teach you by pointing to the letters on the board’s price tag. You were laughing. The lady in our back was smiling, too.

This morning, we had our first lesson: the alphabet from A to F. Oh, boy, Daddy and Mommy cried because you were so attentive; in fact, you mimicked the sounds of the alphabet. You got them correctly! Wow. Everyday, we will have tutorial lessons on the board.

This is all for now, baby.




After sleeping for two hours, your inflamed lips, baby, have finally subsided. You only have a wound on the lower lip. Daddy says you’re wolverine; you have a fast time to heal. Thank God.

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