Dear Baby: 44th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  44th  L E T T E R

June 14, 2010 @ 3:04p.m.

Dear Baby,

You’re asleep as Mommy writes this letter. I should have written you my 44th letter last night, but, we’re all tired! Out of nowhere, we just thought of going to the 360mall after the last mass at 8:00p.m. Daddy read in the mass. He said he was nervous, but, he did well.

Thanks heavens for your angel, baby! We were supposed to fall down from the chair when we were about to sit. Mommy was carrying you, and the chair moved backwards. Uggh, thank God we were both safe! An angel held us from falling down.

We were not late for the mass. We arrived an hour earlier. Haha. Usually, we’re late. :d

So, after calling our family driver (a family taxi driver; I hope Daddy will get his driving license soon; he already gave his papers this morning), we just told him to drive. We didn’t have a particular place to go to last night. Then, Daddy thought of that mall! Presto. It was a good choice. Bad, we didn’t bring our cameras! Lesson: we should always bring our cams.

Since you didn’t eat your dinner before we left our place, we decided to order at KFC. Oh, the table as usual was so messy when we left. Haha. You love to spread your food everywhere and eat it from there – like the sofa, top of table – anywhere but not on your plate. LOL.

Prior to eating, we walked on the floor. Oh, baby, you’re so adorable. You weren’t afraid to walk, but, since it was tiled, we opted to hold your hands (left and right) for safety. People were saying, “ahh, cute!!!” Haha. People were, indeed, mesmerized by your cuteness!

And, if people were mesmerized by your cuteness, Daddy and Mommy were both overwhelmed by your sweetness! We knew that you’re overwhelmed with happiness, too. You first kissed Daddy’s hand, and he was touched! Then, later, after a few seconds, you kissed Mommy’s hand! Oh, my baby! We love you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssssssssssss much! Words can’t describe how much happiness you give us.

Then, later, you kissed Mommy’s hand again. And yes, you’re really a balanced kid! You then kissed Daddy’s hand!

You’re so natural in showing your gratitude, your love! No one forces you to kiss us! Did I mention you kissed Mommy’s shoes the other day? Hahaha.

I remember yesterday, Mommy was sleeping when you kissed Mommy on her back! Wow. You do sure remember how we, too, pamper you with our kisses – everywhere.

This morning, you surprised Mommy (on the bed) when upon waking up, you opened your mouth and made the sound of kiss “tsup” and oh, you really gave me a morning kiss! Daddy also asked for a kiss; you didn’t. But, of course, you had your own time and way of showing your affection. You kissed Daddy on his sleeping pants as soon as you two were already standing.

I am so thankful for having you as our first baby. Ahhh, you’re awesome! You’re the world’s sweetest 1-yr old baby!

This is all for now, baby. Sleep well.



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