Dear Baby: 45th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  45th L E T T E R

June 16, 2010 @ 4:37p.m.

Dear Baby,

This letter was supposed to be written yesterday. This is another letter asking for forgiveness from you.

Mommy went overboard yesterday. I shouted and cried afterwards. I was too exhausted. You didn’t want to eat what I fed you for a week already. That’s when I panicked but I went overboard. I must admit it was a terrible thing to do – shouting a bit, just a bit. I am very sorry, baby.

You probably learned your lesson. After that incident, you silently ate alone the spaghetti I offered you in your high chair. You’re really a darling.

That night, I resolved not to do that stupid behavior anymore. It was more peaceful then in our home. You also began to love your pediasure choco flavor milk. You ate a lot towards the end of the night. No wonder you pooped a lot last night. I pitied you when you held your stomach while pooping; it must be hurting you badly to release that huge poop down there.

This day, Mommy didn’t push you to eat your food. You just know how to feed yourself now at 14months even though our house becomes so messy afterwards. It’s OK.

This afternoon, you really surprised Mommy when you got the food that slipped through your hands from the floor and you put them on your plate as you carried the small plate with your little hands. After that, you put the small plate on top of the stool you’re using (you’re standing, unmindful of Daddy’s pleading voice on the other line of the phone – you don’t mind him because you’re watching your favorite movie, Baby Geniuses).

Now, you’re eating mixed vegetables. You even got some vegetables from Mommy’s plate. :) I thank the Lord you’re beginning to love food. Wait. You’re now seated on the floor with your plate in front of you. You must be very tired from standing for an hour or less. Hehe. You’re mimicking the man on the movie, too. And, now you’re standing again. I have to clean our carpeted floor because you might be getting some food on the floor — which you usually do. :) As Mommy was vacuuming the floor, you were mimicking the sound of the vacuum – long, screeching innnnggggggggg! :)

This is all for now.



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