Dear Baby: 46th natural letter for my baby


Dora the Explorer as a tween.
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T H E  46th L E T T E R

June 16, 2010 @ 8:48p.m.

Dear Baby,

This is my 2nd letter for you today!

I just want to tell you that you really amazed Mommy and Daddy awhile ago. You were going out of the room when Mommy suddenly asked you, “where are you going?” in a normal accent. You suddenly clapped your hands to the rhythm of the clapping in Dora the Explorer. Daddy and Mommy repeated the words again. You clapped again.

We were also amazed when suddenly you got up from our bed and you started tapping your feet. Wow. You must be remembering something that you have watched in Barney! Mommy just couldn’t figure it out yet. Unsure of myself, I just sang the song, “if you’re happy and you know it stomp your feet” and you continued tapping your feet.

You also shocked us when suddenly you attempted to point on the blank wall – as if imagining that you’re reading, rather, sounding off the alphabet “aaa” “baaa” hehe. That’s so cool. We’re reminded then to put the alphabet anywhere around our house. Mommy thought you’re not interested in learning so Mommy put on hold the teaching of the alphabet in your blackboard. But Mommy will resume it again. Although it seems you don’t seem to pay attention, you are absorbing everything; you just show them after a few hours or days. WOW. Mommy’s so right in teaching you at an early age.

While at the bed, too, you pointed on the figures and letters in the counting book and started to “read”. You sounded off the letters of the alphabet! So cutteeeeee, baby.

Comes Friday, we’ll buy the rubber alphabet at Daiso. Your old rubber alphabet is no longer complete so Mommy didn’t put it back on our wall when we transferred to our new flat.

Oh, I remember this morning, it was a success to bath you without crying! Haha. After your breakfast, as usual your face and body are covered with food, Mommy washed you at the lavatory. You didn’t see the green basin that we use to bath you so you probably thought that Mommy would just wash your face and hands. Then I thought of washing your hair. I got the shampoo and the baby bath from the bathroom. You were not aware what would happen next. I bathed you right there and then. You were about to cry, but, didn’t do so. I wonder why. Next time I’ll do the same. But, ahh, I wish you’d not cry when I bath you, baby. When you were young, you’re crying every time I remove you from the basin. Now, every time you see that we’re about to take a bath, you wail at once. :d

This is all for now, baby. Mommy has to wash your bottles.



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