Dear Baby: 48th natural letter for my baby


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T H E   48th  L E T T E R

June 20, 2010 @ 9:41a.m.

Dear Baby,

Howdy! You’re sleeping as Mommy writes this. You must be very tired from crying! You cried because you didn’t want to eat and Mommy was trying to let you eat some more. Mommy prepared your baby food (chicken and rice) via the blender we bought last night. I really hope you’d have some appetite now.

You’re at the stage where everything is a big, big No. Sigh.Glad that after sometime, Mommy was able to cut your fingernails. Uh-oh, your fingernails are longish – as usual – you won’t let Mommy or Daddy cut your fingernails.

The other night we bought you a lot of clothes at Marks and Spencer’s, and some books, too. From now on, we’ll buy majority of your clothes and books at M&S’s. Good choices and good price, hmmm, actually, just the same with Mothercare’s. We also bought two dresses last night at Carrefour -cheaper by 50% than M&S’s. But, I love the styles from M&S’s more than Carrefour’s.We also bought your shoes at Guess. Guess would be on sale today by 20% but opted to buy the shoes last night since the discount would just be forfeited with our fare. We don’t have the driving license yet. It’s now being processed. I hope Daddy would get it soon.

Mommy needs to help Daddy clean up our mess. Glad that we bought a new vacuum cleaner last night – our third vacuum cleaner in two years! This time the new vacuum cleaner is enough to unearth every mess you throw on the carpet. Bring it on, baby. Haha. You’re really good at throwing your baby food on the floor, your toys and books on the floor, and more. :) It’s all right. Childhood happens only once. I remember taking  a video of you while you’re throwing your food – was it pasta – on the floor. It was a real mess – from your face, to your high chair, to your dress, and onto the floor. No worries there. You’ll just outgrown it. :)

This is all for now.You’re now awake; we just heard you.



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