Dear Baby: 49th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  49th L E T T E R

June 21, 2010@11:53p.m.

Dear Baby,

Hi baby! Get well soon! Mommy’s not used to seeing you with watery eyes and runny nose. I wonder why you suddenly got colds. It’s maybe because of the weather – 42 degrees Celsius outside? We went out for two days in a row. You must be very tired, baby. We decided not to go to Church tonight so you can rest your body. I hope that by tomorrow, you don’t have runny nose anymore.

I want to applaud you for being an intelligent baby. I was wiping your nose and then I put the cloth in front of you. I saw that your nose needed to be wiped again. I just told you to wipe your nose. You got the cloth and wiped the nasal mucus! WOW. I can really depend on you now – actually, ever since, you are a self-reliant baby.

Thank you, baby, for helping us improve on our parenting and baby care skills. We’re very sorry that it took us a hard time to finally be awakened. We’re sorry that sometimes we forget that we have a baby at home to take good care of, to make everything clean, to make everything smooth as possible – although we have been trying to make it at least perfect as possible – but there’s no such thing. But we will always persevere, baby. We will always make a way to improve everyday. Thank you for bearing with Daddy and Mommy. That incident about the cockroach won’t happen ANYMORE. We promise.

How was Daddy’s father’s day last 20th? Awesome! And yes, speaking of awesome, you now speak that word – awesome! We didn’t go out to celebrate father’s day. You played “football” at home with Daddy. He’s one lucky, happy guy in the world! He was in tears, really. You really played it well, huggie! You just know how to play while Daddy doesn’t…hahaha!

This is all for now, baby. Mommy’s hand is inflamed.I just took a quick time to write you a letter after ironing Daddy’s clothes – although I didn’t finish ironing the remaining two long sleeves.



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