Dear Baby: 50th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  50th L E T T E R

June 22, 2010@11:41p.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello baby! Mommy had real fun this afternoon with you (wah, although you didn’t eat what Mommy prepared). :)

It was so funny, really, when you mimicked me in picking my nostrils! Haha. Mommy thought you didn’t see me, but, it was already tooooo late. There you were, picking your nose, too, while looking down at Mommy. Cool. Ooops, I should really be careful with what I am doing. I hope you’d get to see all the good ones from adults around you.

Mommy was in cloud nine, too, when I heard the word “apple” from you – without any difficulty. You flashed your smile when you saw that I almost shouted for joy after you said that word. WOW. You’re awesome, baby. Soon, I’d be talking with you a lot of things – in English. It seems you do understand words in English than in any other languages (Filipino, Arabic) and dialect, too.

We also had our lesson via your blackboard. I was really amazed when you also got the pen I was using and started to act as if you were writing on the board. You wanted to open the pen; glad you weren’t able to – was afraid that you might put the tip again into your mouth after quite some time. :)

This is all for now. It’s too dark here in our computer room. Mommy needs to rest to get some energy for tomorrow’s moments with you.



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