Dear Baby: 51st natural letter for my baby


Baby Pearl Holding Mommy's Hand
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T H E  51st L E T T E R

June 28, 2010 @ 12:12p.m.

Dear Baby:

Howdy, baby! I hope you get well soon. Your nasal mucus has been pestering you for over 5 days now. It must be because of the caretaker; he grabbed you without considering that you’re still a baby. He doesn’t know how to handle a baby. I think the weather is also a culprit. But usually your nasal mucus doesn’t last that long. I hope your appetite will get back soon so you’d have a strong immune system.

Other than that nasal mucus, you’re fine. I am sure that time will come wherein you’ll hit your growth curve. For now I am just happy that you’re perfectly doing all right.

You just amazed Mommy yesterday. I posted the alphabet on our wall for the first time. I asked you “where’s the milk?” and you pointed the glass of milk (letter M). You pointed the bear (letter B) and growled “rrrrrrrrr”…Whoa. You know the sound that a bear makes. You also pointed the zebra (letter E) and did the same.

This morning, Mommy asked you “where’s the bear?” and you pointed the bear. You also pointed the dog (letter D) and growled.

Yesterday, you turned 15 months. Wow. Amazing how time flies! It was also Mom’s 24th monthsary of being with you from conception to present 24×7. Thank you for helping me be a good mom. Thank you for simply just showing me the way.

This is all for now, baby.



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