Dear Baby: 52nd natural letter for my baby


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T H E  52nd L E T T E R

July 5, 2010 @ 1:25a.m.

Dear Baby,

Hello baby! So sorry for not writing you letters for how many days now. Mom’s so tired lately due to a lot of things. You seem to be a handful these days. But don’t worry. It’s normal. Mom’s just kinda sad that you don’t seem to grow well. Lately though you’ve been eating a lot of mashed potato at the IKEA resto.

Mommy made her own mashed potato and gravy sauce. Hmmm. I wonder if I made it right, but, you did eat well.

It’s final. Mommy wouldn’t leave you in our hometown. I decided two nights ago that I’d leave you there for 5 months until such time that you’d gain enough weight. But I know that it would be hard for both of us. Tonight, I decided that we’ll make it together – you, me, and Daddy in making you grow. We’d have our vacation together, too. Mommy decided that it wouldn’t be good to have international flight if it’s just the two of us again.

You amazed Daddy when you showed him that you closed the cap of the milk (in sachet). You just didn’t close it by putting the cover; you twisted the cap by moving it in a circular motion. How did you know it should be closed that way?

You also amazed Daddy when he asked you “where’s the D” and you just showed the letter D to him in the alphabet wall.

You also amazed Daddy (just like Mommy) when he asked you “where’s the bear?” and you pointed the letter B and the picture of the bear while you simultaneously growled (the bear’s sound).

You amazed us when you put the hair pin onto your hair. How did you know that it should be put there? Did I write to you before that you also amazed Mommy when you just combed your hair with Mommy’s big-toothed hair brush?

You also now know how to sip (using straws) the juice, the cookies ‘n cream sundae flavored at McDonald’s. You just do the latter like a pro. It’s kinda hard to sip the cookies’ n cream because it’s sticky.

WOW. You’re simply amazing, baby.

Even though Mommy oftentimes is irritable, please forgive me. I am just so tired lately. God willing we’ll have a new maid soon. Everything will be all right then. I promise to play with you more, and care for you more. Rest assured that Mommy loves you much, and so does Daddy love you so much, too.



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