Dear Baby: 54th natural letter for my baby


McDonald's in the Arab World
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T H E  54th L E T T E R

July 12, 2010 @ 12:38a.m.

Dear Baby,

Howdy, baby! You’re sleeping now. As usual, here’s Mommy writing a letter for you. I should have written you this letter a few days back, but, Mom’s very busy.

Did you know that today we (Daddy, Mommy, and you) ate at your small table for a change? Oh, not just for a change, actually, it’s more of making you feel eating time should be in a table. You don’t actually want your high chair anymore. You’d prefer standing on your high chair, or, rather, seat on top of your high chair! Good thing Mommy thought of letting you use your small (alphabet) table this noon. Whoala, and Daddy thought of eating there, too. Mommy followed. We took pictures! Haha. You’re so adorable, baby. You kept on going near the camera so majority of our pics then only got your face. You somehow ate well. Wow. That’s great. Dinner time somehow went well, too. I wish you’re always like that…We all ate there again.During the weekdays, we’d love to eat with you again in your small table, at least twice a day.

I want to tell you some interesting things and tricks you did this week. And you really amazed Daddy and Mommy!

Here goes:

When we’re at the McDonald’s, an Arab woman called her kids and said, “Taal! Taal!” We were too shocked when you mimicked her, “Taal! Taal!”, in the same accent and loud voice of the woman! Haha. You’re such a darling, baby.

You are also a very friendly baby. You are the first to establish “communication” with other babies by calling their attention. But not with adults. You just don’t like adults much. Haha.

You also amazed Daddy and Mommy when you just knew how to open and close the cover of your milk in sachet. Did I already mention this to you in my previous letter? I’m not sure. Anyway, as I wrote earlier, we were wondering as to how you know that the sachet should be opened and closed like that by twisting the cap to the right and left. Wow, really.

You also amazed Daddy and Mommy when we were at the IKEA resto. You saw this menu of the resto in a plastic container. How did you know that the pages should be flipped to open up the other pages of the menu? Wowowow.

You also wake us up now in the morning or even during nap time in the afternoon when Daddy and Mommy are still sleeping.

We were also too shocked and amazed at how you called Daddy when he was playing with you. You squealed, “Daddyyyy!!!” Haha.

Mommy was also amazed when I told you to wake Daddy up this afternoon. With all the sweetness you have and the gentlest tapping your small hands could make, you woke Daddy up and you called him, “Daddy”, while tapping his face gently. Such a heartwarming scene!

And, baby, Mommy just feels so jealous whenever you call Daddy anytime of the day with much sweetness. You’d just call Mommy as “Ma!” or “Mama!” whenever you are crying or whenever you are very, very sleepy. Waaah! How’s that? During sleeping time, though, you act as if you forgot about Daddy or you don’t know him. Haha!

This is all for now, baby. I’ll write you more soon.



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