Dear Baby: 55th natural letter for my baby


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T H E 55th L E T T E R

July 13, 2010 @12:00a.m.

Dear Baby,

Howdy! Finally you’re now asleep. You did have enough energy to play with Daddy. It was also great to see how you performed well in your learning time with Daddy.

Actually, Mom doesn’t have time to write this letter. I’m currently cleaning your messes in the living room! Haha. But I need to write this letter or else I might forget the necessary details about the amazing things you showed us tonight. This will be a quick letter though.

Mommy would like to let you know that you really are fantastic, baby. You just know things well in your First Words book. You know what a food is; what animals are; what vehicles are. If the picture is food, you make a sound with your tongue as if you’re eating. If they are animals, you growl. If they’re vehicles, you mimic the sounds that a certain vehicle makes, like the train, the tractor. You’re amazing, really!

It was also your first time to get on top of the sofa (high level from the ground) without any help from a small stool or from Mommy and Daddy. We just noticed it that you’re already on top of the sofa; you’re just crying then for help, but, you made it! WOW. How’s cool’s that?

You also learned how to tantalize your eyes in front of the mirror. Haha! You did it by yourself upon seeing your face in the mirror. How fun is that?

Today, you slept for three times the whole day! Haha. You must have been very tired over the past three days. Sunday was a holiday for Daddy so he was able to spend three days straight with you. And yes, during those three days, you didn’t sleep well. You just thought of playing every now and then. It’s the usual case: whenever Daddy is around, playing with him is what’s on your mind. But with Mommy, it’s sleeping time! Haha. I think I’ve grown a bit fatter these days because of too much sleep! Oh no. I need to trim down because we are going to the Philippines next, next month! How’s that? We’re together again in this international trip.

Daddy and Mommy we’re so thankful that we’re given a good package! Thank You God and Our Mother of Penafrancia for the gift! It’s time to pray for a good nanny when we reach our home country. We’ll be leaving you in our hometown for 8 days to do some errands in the city. It’s not good to bring you along because traveling is too cumbersome and tiring – the traffic, the black smoke from vehicles, and more.

Tonight, Daddy was telling me that you’re still indeed very much a baby, your looks, your smell. Some babies your age look like they’re already in the kindergarten. Hehe. But not you. How we both love to cuddle you, hug you, and kiss you, and you do the same to Daddy and Mommy, too. You’re such a very sweet baby.

This is all for now, baby. Mommy has to cut this short because I still need to clean our house. It’s 12:11a.m. now. Sleep well!



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