Dear Baby: 58th natural letter for my baby


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T H E  58TH  L E T T E R

July 19, 2010 @ 3:36a.m.

Dear Baby,

Wow, it’s morning again! Haha. Mommy can only write you letters after midnight. I just finished cleaning our kitchen. A new maid is coming over tomorrow. I hope she’s THE ONE.

How are you, baby? You must be very tired. We got home after mass at around 10p.m. already.

At the mass, you sang! Haha. So cute, really, because you were hitting the notes!

You ate chocolate at Pad’s office.

You also consumed half-box of the choco-drink.

And, Daddy forgot to brush your teeth. He was the one who cleaned you up before bedtime. Mommy forgot to tell Daddy, too. Anyway, I’ll wipe your teeth with a clean cloth, in a few minutes.

Yesterday morning, you amazed Mommy because it was your first time to get down from the sofa. Mommy was busily cooking (good thing, you weren’t at the kitchen when the fry pan (with boiling oil) fell down from the gas stove — thank God!) when you’re at the door waiting for me! Haha. You’re so cutie! How did you get down from the sofa on your own? Daddy was amazed, too, because he witnessed it last night. He said that you went down from the sofa effortlessly. WOW.

You amazed us, too, when, for the second time (that I witnessed it), you drank your choco drink like a pro. You drank it without the straw (direct from the box, from the small hole so had to pull your head back to drink the choco).

Time flies so fast, really. Everyday you’re showing your developments. I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to witness your antics, tricks, and funny moments.

This is all for now, baby. It’s almost four in the morning. Mommy needs to sleep now.



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