Dear Baby: 60th natural letter for my baby


T H E   60th  L E T T E R

July 23, 2010 @9:19p.m.

Dear Baby,

I just wanted to share something with you.

What an irony, really! We have our new maid. After two days, she was able to hold you even though at first you cried. Mommy’s so busy so your new yaya got no choice but to look after you. After three days of working, I told her to go for a dayoff. That was a crazy idea! Daddy was out, too, so it ended that Mommy got stressed again. One thing, we both didn’t eat our dinner because Mommy was holding you again, and no one would do the cooking.

It’s hard when Mommy always almost accommodate everyone’s welfare. It’s been quite a longish time that I needed some time off for myself. Not that Mommy is complaining of looking after you 24×7, but, you see, Mommy needs some time alone so that when I get back, I’d have enough energy again. Now that we have a new nanny, she was the one I granted that day off when she just started her work in our house. I called her on her mobile phone, and asked her why she’s not home yet at 9p.m. (as we discussed before she left at 2:15p.m.) and said she would go home by 10p.m. because she was still eating. It would be her last day off for the month of July. The next day off would be after a month.

Anyway, tomorrow will be Mommy’s first day off. Daddy will take care of you while Mommy’s away.

Mommy also wants to write that you amazed me when you put one of your clothes in the laundry bag, and then the next day after, you got a shirt from the laundry bag. It’s just so cute because you wiped your mouth with that cloth. Tehee.

It was also yesterday when you did this trick of pricking Mommy’s and Daddy’s eyes so we’d wake up. Haha. You also forced me to eat that biscuit by putting it into Mommy’s mouth, and when I sort of declined, you made a sound like you were trying to bribe me to eat! Hahaha.

Last night, at our unplanned party at home, two people (your godparents) said that you gained weight. I’m so happy. Please continue eating well, baby. Thank God for you have the appetite now.



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